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Tennessee Titans Vs. San Diego Chargers Offensive Recap

On Sunday the Tennessee Titans traveled to San Diego to take on the Chargers and hopefully bounce back from a poor offensive showing the week before. Just to let you know, that didn’t happen. Actually they may have regressed from the week before.

The Titans put together one offensive drive that was longer than four plays on Sunday. Out of eleven drives, the Titans had one that was longer than four plays. One drive! One! They also lost the T.O.P. battle, 16:21 to 43:39. Absolutely horrible.

Jake Locker once again looked inconsistent in completing 15-30 passes for 174 yards with 1 int. and 1 TD. Locker is growing as a player and every game he plays can only help, but right now he can’t seem to complete 5 passes in a row. More than a few of his passes on Sunday were either high or they were hitting shoe laces. Locker does do a great job of spreading the ball around to different receivers. On Sunday he completed passes to seven different receivers.

The running game is nonexistent. Its not Chris Johnson’s fault. The blame lies squarely on OC Chris Palmer’s shoulders. There is no imagination in the run game. There is no commitment to the run game so it looks sloppy and it looks like guys are going through the motions. The run game has got to be a belief, it has to be a macho act of football. I’m lining up across from you and I’m going to beat the hell out of you. No matter what. We are not committed to the run so there will be no run game. Plain and simple.

The receivers played pretty well and it was great to see Kenny Britt back on the field. The lack of offensive cohesion is going to leave me very little to write about when it comes to receiver production on a weekly basis.

This offense has no identity. There is no cohesion and nothing flows within the game plan. I know its only been two weeks but there is simply nothing that is working and it looks horrible. For all the talk about how much offensive talent we had, there are no glimpses of any around.


What say you?


Shawn Eagle


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  • TitansUp

    We’ve gone after every half-way decent lineman available to us at this point in free agency, to be honest I dont know who we would trade away to get someone worth trading for here. Everyone’s loving this 2-TE stuff the pats are doing, we have great TE’s, thats definitely one thing we need to see more of, even if we have to go shotgun to do it. Item 2: Get a big, bruising fullback with strength and some speed, hands (or at least the potential, Toby Gerhart from the Vikes perhaps?) and pair him with CJ in the backfield. We would have the smash to go with dash again, someone who can push the pile and grind out 4 yards everytime he touches the ball. Defenses have figured out that you just have to push johnson laterally by putting a man in every hole. We get a big back, those outside linebackers and safetys would need help stopping him, which would bunch defenses together and give CJ more room to work those outside runs. He could also stay in on pass protection as well. There was a film study article on here a few days ago, showed the pocket collapsing because Stewart got beat while Johnson clearly didnt do anything to block. That big back would help protect jake locker. All that said, we could fix a lot of this by trading for a better center and that would probably fix all our offensive problems right there. Let’s stop trying to ‘be the patriots’ though, that seems like all anyone wants to do these days.

  • Shawn Eagle

    Good points. It may help to bring in a bigger back, but I still think CJ is very good. He just simply hasn’t the chances to show it in the first 2 games.
    Another huge problem that we will see is the fact that defenses can simply just back and key on the run and dare Locker to beat them. Until he can show the ability to consistently beat a defense with his arm….the running lanes will be tight.
    Being creative with the running game may also help…hell…trying a screen or two may help also.