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Tennessee Titans: What’s Next For Kenny Britt

Earlier this week all Tennessee Titans fans were wondering was if Kenny Britt could come back from his third knee surgery in nine months and be healthy by the time the season started. Yesterday it was reported that Kenny got charged with a DUI in Kentucky and now the knee surgeries seem pretty small. So now I’m left wondering, what’s next for Kenny Britt?

Due to having his left knee scoped at the end of June it seemed earlier this week that Kenny Britt may be a candidate to start the season on the PUP list, meaning he would miss the first six weeks of the season. Yesterday he picked up a DUI charge out of Kentucky which makes that the eighth run in with the law dogs Britt has had since being drafted by the Titans. I don’t think Britt is as wild as Pacman Jones was, but it is clear that he has some problems, the least of which is his bum knees right now.

Mafia Boss Goodell hands out suspensions like its trick or treat candy on Halloween and he is about to be talking with Mr. Britt. I’m pretty sure he’ll be facing a suspension once that meeting goes down. Whether it’s four or more games we don’t know. But you can bet that the Mafia Boss is ready to punish him.

One thing the Titans can do is leave Britt off of the PUP list if he is suspended for the first four games and hope he’s healthy for week five. If the suspension is six or eight games then of course they can do the same thing as well. I have a feeling that the brain trust for the Titans is contemplating many different courses of action right now.

Could they possibly be thinking about cutting Britt? They did draft Kendall Wright in the first round, who they have raved about since OTAs started. I doubt the Titans would cut Britt with training camp being a week away. Maybe they cut him at the end of the season. That is a long way down the road though and there are many variables involved before that bridge is crossed.

One thing is certain though, Britt has more than enough on his plate just dealing with injuries, the recent DUI just compounds his problems. He is a fantastic talent for sure but as someone once said, “There is nothing worse than wasted talent”.

Right now, its a wastin’ away. I hope he gets it figured out.

What say you!


Shawn Eagle

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  • David Matthew Melville

    This story just makes me ill. Why do people with so much talent just can’t get it through their heads to stop. Seriously what is it going to take? If I am the Titans I would sit him down tell one more incident just one more and you are gone. I don’t care how talented he is no one is worth this amount of headache.

  • Titan Sized on Fansided

    I completely agree, David. It’s just unbelievable.

  • JoshuaRHuffman

    Sometimes one must lose something before they realize how much they loved it. What disturbs me here is that he already lost football for one year because of his knee injury. That didn’t keep him from taking this foolish and unnecessary risk. Now he might lose it for a second year if Commissioner Goodell gives him a one-year suspension.
    I have to be skeptical if he suddenly becomes healthy and well-behaved next season because that’s a contract year. He’s got a long way to go to recapture my trust. Wide receivers aren’t exactly the scarcest of quality players… We’ll see.

  • Drake

    Being famous has many drawbacks. Kenny Britt and the rest of the NFL should read this: – I love humor and being serious at the same time!

  • jstitansized

     @JoshuaRHuffman I don’t think Goodell will give him a one year suspension but I have become skeptical as to if he’ll be a Titan in the next couple years.
    He has definitely burnt the trust bridge. Only so much lenience you can have on a guy and Britt has had it.
    He’s a special talent. It’s sad to see such talent go to waste….

  • seagle1

    Let’s play hypotheticals….if he gets a four game suspension…plays 12 games and say gets 1,000 yards receiving and 8 TDs with no trouble for the rest of the year, apologizes up and down……how much of this is forgotten? I’ll say that a great deal of it will be….that’s how sports works. Now it may not be forgotten when he gets to the negotiating table but people tend to have a short memory when a game winning TD pass is caught.

  • Drake

     @seagle1 Yes! I know they play at different positions, but Chris Johnson broke at least the 1,000 yard mark last season when he did that pointless holdout in my opinion. Being young and able to overcome is the biggest reason though.

  • Drake

     @jstitansized  @JoshuaRHuffman He is like Pacman sadly, he is talented, but he always got/get into trouble!

  • Drake

     @jstitansized  @JoshuaRHuffman He is like Pacman sadly he is talented, but he always got/get into trouble!

  • JoshuaRHuffman

     @jstitansized Britt’s injury really makes this an interesting situation. I’m sure Roger Goodell doesn’t want to suspend him while he’s recovering from his knee injuries.  If he’s starts the regular season on the PUP (I’m thinking that won’t be necessary unless there’s another setback), then it’s probably PUP + at least a 4-game suspension. However, I wonder if Goodell would be skeptical with the Titans if they kept him off the PUP. Could he foresee that as a way of them using his suspension time as PUP time?

  • seagle1

    @JoshuaRHuffman @jstitansized I think the biggest difference is that if he starts on the PUP list he is still getting paid….if starts the season with a four game suspension that will be without pay.
    I don’t see Goodell starting his suspension in week 7.

  • seagle1

    @Drake @jstitansized @JoshuaRHuffman He is alot like Pacman in that he gets in trouble, but I think alot people don’t view him the same way…Pacman just seemed like a straight thug, Britt has a different charisma about him….just my opinion.

  • jstitansized

     @seagle1 An elephant never forgets, especially when things are stuck on repeat. Britt is throwing all his bargaining chips down the drain. He’s a risk, physically and legally. I’m quite curious to see how things will work out for him.

  • jstitansized

     @seagle1  @JoshuaRHuffman  @jstitansized Agreed

  • jstitansized

     @seagle1  @Drake    @JoshuaRHuffman  Britt is a good guy, he’s just really good at messing up. Big heart, questionable brain.