Tennessee Titans Won’t Trade for CB Asante Samuel

I'll let you guess who won this matchup.... Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Looks like I’m not alone on the idea that the Tennessee Titans won’t be spending a third round draft pick on acquiring Asante Samuel. Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean posted an article today that made me all warm inside, or at least a little better. He talks about how the Titans feel pretty good with Verner and McCourty, as well as Hawkins, Campbell, and Mouton.

Another article, via the Daily Times, says Samuel is more likely to be released than traded. He, being writer Bob Grotz, talks about how Samuel has burned his bridges in Philly after publicly trashing the Eagles team president last year.

There is also talk of the third round pick being a conditional pick.

Via the Daily Times:

Which makes the proposed
deal of Samuel to the Titans for a conditional third-round pick comical.

Conditions? Just take Samuel and pretend it’s a third-round pick. If you feel like it, give us a late seventh-round choice. If you don’t like that, we’ll give you the pick back. Just don’t tell anyone. There’s your conditional draft pick.

I’m not a fan of trading for Asante Samuel, plain and simple.

Yes, looking at his career stats may entice one to drool, but stats only tell half the story. If you may remember Kenny Britt’s historic game against the Eagles two years ago… Kenny Britt was held out for two quarters due to disciplinary reasons. He then proceeded to thrash the Eagles secondary, recording 225 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

That’s what I think of when I think of Samuel.

Also, why trade for a CB when there is a draft coming up with a pretty impressive depth at the position.

If the Titans were determined offset the loss of Cortland Finnegan, why not draft another player who mirrors his energy and play style. South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore plays with the same fire as Finnegan does and is a player the Titans could send on blitzes just like they did with Finnegan.

Samuel is not a blitzer. In his nine year career he has recorded zero sacks. Finnegan has recorded six thus far in his six year career.

There’s also the fact the Titans just don’t spend those type of picks on CB’s, even when drafting. Verner is a fourth round pick, McCourty is a sixth round pick, Campbell is a 7th round pick, as was Finnegan. The only high CB pick on the roster is Ryan Mouton, who was taken in the third round a few years ago. They do a good great job of finding gems late in the draft.

In the end, it just doesn’t make sense on almost any account for the Titans to trade a third round pick for Samuel. That’s a fact.


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  • JasonPeters

    I’m telling you, Samuel would bring an energy and knowledge to our difference, and I don’t see Munchak letting anyone on his team get out of line. I really think that a hefty contract should be the only thing that prevents us from bringing him in, but he’s said he’ll re-negotiate. 

  • JasonPeters

    I obviously meant to say defense. They should let you edit posts.

  • http://www.justinlstewart.com/ jstitansized

     @JasonPeters We’re obviously gonna have to duke this one out, Jason. There can only be one Highlander…. 

  • JasonPeters

     @jstitansized Fisticuffs it shall be, sir

  • Philly84

    Hey titans fans be glad u guys aren’t trading for Samuel ima longtime eagles fan watch every game and watch Samuel since day 1, u don’t see what we see every game the guy is the worst tackler ever , just watch the Atlanta game last year he had Michael turner running at the goal line from the 10 Asante was right in front of him coming 7 yards and soon as turner got near him he just stopped n stepped to the side and flailed his arms at his knee and pretended he dove , he does it every game he costs us so many games by shying away from tackles , don’t get me wrong his interceptions are amazing and u think wow he’s one of the best but don’t be fooled he gambles every play n goes for the pick , gets burnt at least twice a game , the guy doesn’t blitz and doesn’t even have 1 career sack because again he’s soft and can’t tackle a ten foot wide cardboard cutout, and he’s been benched here and new England because he never does the plays the d coordinator runs he just does what he wants on the play, he’s making 10.5 mill he’s older and not the worth the money headaches and not to mention the four games a year hell cost u letting the other team in the end zone because he doesn’t wanna tackle him, believe I’ve seen him loose us a game to get us in the playoffs when the qb and him were all alone had him lined up perfect and qb put his shoulder down and he didn’t even attempt to tackle him he just smacked his arm n gave up, good move not trading for him plus I really like ur guys cb’s n the draft is loaded with em , sorry about the long post but I hadda vent I’m so sick of hearing how this guy is such a great cb when he’s 1 dimensional, a distraction, and over rated

  • JasonPeters

     @Philly84 Thanks for the perspective, man. Always good to hear from the people that know these players best.

  • Philly84

    @JasonPeters No prob man , I hadda do it he’s been so frustrating , if u can go on you tube n see if u can find the video of eagles falcons game last year and turner play scoring and look at that tackle try that’s how all his tackles look haha

  • Philly84

    @JasonPeters Here watch this explains it all Check out this video on YouTube:

  • seagle1

    To be fair….there are hundreds of CBs who play and played in the league for years that don’t have one sack. They are corners, they cover receivers. Now on his tackling….totally agree…he doesn’t wanna get that jersey dirty at all. I know stats don’t tell the whole story but but he was 2nd behind only Revis island in completion percentage to a receiver he was covering last year. The guy can cover. Flat out he can cover. About the 3 rd rounder also, due to some kind of contract stipulation, if it were to happen it would be a 3rd rounder in 2013, not this year. Bottom line, the titans are very close to contending for a division title and throwing youngsters out there who aren’t ready to play could cost a game or two, we missed the playoffs by one game last year. I say, if it’s a 3rd or 4th rounder next year, get him. Restructure his contract and get him.

  • seagle1

    One thing I just thought of…..the eagles are always unloading players and getting the better end of the deal…..maybe we should be cautious!!!!!

  • Philly84

    @seagle1 Yeah ur def right somehow we pull it off I don’t know how but always be cautious when the eagles wanna trade with ya, then again we can’t draft for **** were the worst at it haven’t had a pick yet that is good Daniel teo neshaim, Bryan smyth, Jaquan jarret, king Dunlap , Jerome mcdougle, Winston justice brandon graham , the list goes on 2nd 3rd 4th rd terrible drafting . Besides Jackson McCoy and maclin and offense we do ok but we can’t draft DE LB S DT for ****

  • JasonPeters

     @seagle1 Good point, man. Forgot about that. The Kolb trade taught is all about that.

  • seagle1

    @JasonPeters Kolb….an freely to the Phins, McNabb….and the they just stole Ryan’s from the Texans for a 4th….they pull some trades!

  • http://www.justinlstewart.com/ jstitansized

     @JasonPeters  @seagle1 Anyone who though Kolb was a good one to trade for was a sucker. I was never a fan of him. Always had to use his TE (Safety valve). Had a feeling he was gonna flop.

  • http://www.justinlstewart.com/ jstitansized

     @seagle1 I know about the sack thing. I brought it up as a comparison for replacing Finnegan. He is a blitzer, Samuel isn’t. Finding a CB that likes to blitz seems like a more reasonable thing to expect for a replacement. 

  • seagle1