Arrested Development: The Kenny Britt Story

The show Arrested Development wound up canceled far before it’s time. It truly was a great comedy that you could look forward to every time it came on tv. The show gave you so many moments to remember, including the one where Tobias Funke (pronounced fayoonkay) had been tirelessly practicing for the Blue Man Group, as they were having tryouts, and one afternoon, Tobias spilled blue all over himself. He  turned to Michael (played by Jason Bateman) and uttered these famous words: “Michael, I’m afraid I just blue myself”.

“There’s got to be a better way to word that” Michael replied. The show was great and it could’ve lasted but apparently the network abandoned it. Aside from the word “arrested” in the title of the show, I believe the show and Kenny Britt have a lot in common. I think Kenny Britt just blue himself…

For starters, the show had all the potential in the world but for some reason couldn’t make it last. I’ll admit I’m biased, it remains to this day one of my favorite comedies, unfortunately I have to sit and wonder how it could have been and not how it ended up. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Kenny Britt played great in 2010. In 12 games, Britt scored 9 touchdowns, received 775 yards and averaged 18.5 yards per catch. He really began to blossom into a legitimate number 1 receiver. He became the Titans version of Andre Johnson, just less developed. The players, and fans, began to realize that they could rely on Britt. It gave a new sense of confidence to the team.

Unfortunately, Britt found a way to get in the headlines—in a bad way. Britt now resisted arrest and supposedly hid the contents of his hand behind his back while pushing officers with his body. This comes days after a court appearance that saw Britt pay a fine for what we will call “bad driving”. I thought Britt got lucky and figured he would notice that he got lucky and move on with his life. You know? Maybe keep away from doing things that would place him in jail.

Now, he may face 3-5 years in prison. All I can think about is how great Britt started to become and now he may end his career with the embodiment of a stereotypical Cincinnati Bengal. WHY? I don’t think Kenny Britt is a bad guy, I just think he’s placed himself in the wrong situation time and again.

A quick pun: I don’t like that his development as a wide receiver has been arrested.

Here’s to hoping everything works out, but I doubt it. I think Britt will get canceled, just like Arrested Development.

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  • JustinS

    I’m now clinically depressed. How can someone be so unbelievably dumb!?!?!?!?!? He has such potential… It appears it’ll all go to waste because he has an IQ below 70….

    • Brandon Clark


      since we can only watch, it’s nothing but sad

      • JustinS

        I just updated my article. It’s got somewhat good news.

  • Que

    Annyong! I agree with you on both counts! One of the best shows ever. One of the best… well… One of the WRs in the NFL who can’t stay out of trouble. Maybe the contract in football should be restructured. Maybe the players should play for free but the money paid is for them to stay out of trouble. Make all contracts conduct centered. I just don’t think players know the full scope of the lives they affect with their conduct. I don’t think they necessarily have to be role models but they need to stop messing up my fantasy team.

    • Brandon Clark


      one more: There’s money in that banana stand.


      I’m glad you watched that. Not enough people did. Great stuff

      • Que

        It was probably one of the most underrated tv shows in history. I really thought it was prepared for a LONG run with endless material. But it fell to “The Curse”. The Curse is that any TV show I like WILL get canceled. A few shows I like survived but most of them were already in their 2nd or 3rd season before I started watching. So they narrowly escaped The Curse. But the rest I have to send letters of apology to because I’m the reason for their canning.

        • Brandon Clark

          you don’t watch The Office do you? :)

          • Que

            I don’t watch The Office. Not because I don’t want to but because it was already out for 4 or 5 seasons before I ever thought about watching it. So I just never got around to watching on Netflix. I probably will one day.

  • Vic

    As a Titan’s season ticket holder since they arrived in Nashville, Mr. Britt’s actions are disappointing. The Titans clearly need all of the skilled, experienced players they can get….currently, a lot of holes in many positions. But this is yet one more what seems to be a pattern. The most obvious are Pacman Jones, Tyrone Calico, Steve McNair (although not talked about), ……At any rate, thanks for a well-written, creative and fresh look at a recurring situation.

    • Brandon Clark

      Thanks for the comment, Vic.

      I’ve been thinking about Pacman and Kenny Britt and when you look closely, Britt seems different. The keyword is ‘seems’. Pacman seemed to cause the problems. Britt seems to just be affected by those around him. If Britt gets rid of his trouble causing friends, I think he’ll be fine.

      That’s probably not likely to happen.

      • Que

        I agree with the Pacman Causing/ Britt Following theory. The only problem I have with the argument is that it reminds me of the quote from Friday when Smokey looks at Craig and says, “I didn’t put that weed in your hand and MAKE you smoke it!” That quote says it all. Whether you are the leader in stupid stuff or the follower in stupid stuff… What’s the difference? The end result is the same.

  • Brandon Clark


    The Office seems to be the next best thing since Arrested Development. I think you’ll especially enjoy the second and third seasons, they were the best.

    Steve Carell has already left the show, so don’t worry about your curse. they’re already cursed.

    Gob was on the last episode for a job interview. it was pretty funny! He had a 3 point plan to save the company and when they asked him what it was, he wouldn’t tell them because they might not hire him but keep his plan. They couldn’t really interview him…