The Insanity of Trading Chris Johnson

When you combine the need to meet minimum blog post requirements with some unfortunate reasoning, you come up with this gem from Gerald Ball at the Bleacher Report. In short, Ball says the Titans should trade “knucklehead” Chris Johnson, preferably for Marques Colston or maybe even DeSean Jackson if the Eagles decide they’d like their new starting quarterback to fail miserably.  Trading Chris Johnson is most definitely dumb, however, we all know Johnson’s personality is a bit, out there.  The question is, does it matter?

It’s kind of like The Chad Johnson Phenomenon: a comedian-athlete is only funny when he’s producing.  When the Bengals were awful again and “Is Chad washed up?” was the topic of discussion, calling him Ochocinco was just kind of annoying.  Then the Bengals come back with a good year, he makes the Pro Bowl, and now he’s more popular than ever.  What punching his coach in the face incident??? So when CJ is out there challenging Usain Bolt in his free time and demanding all the money in the world, we’re annoyed.  But if he were to come to practice tomorrow, honor his contract, and make the 2011 Pro Bowl, there’ll be no complaints when he legally changes his name to Every Coach’s Dream.

"Imma take dis football to da endzone braddah."

I came to grips with Chris Johnson’s personality a long, long time ago and it’s about time Titans fans do too.  He’s Lil’ Wayne with speed and a juke move.  Do I ever under any circumstances want to hear Lil’ Wayne talk about anything for an extended period of time? No. Do I want to know what he’s doing at any given time? No.  But will I listen to a Lil’ Wayne song?  Sometimes.  Athletes are extremely accessible in the Twitter Era, but that doesn’t mean all of them can handle the access (see: Larry Johnson) or that we should want to talk to them just because they play football.

I’m going out on a limb to say there’s nothing Chris Johnson does as well as he plays football, and that includes thinking.  You know who else can’t think very well?  Emmitt Smith.  Emmitt Smith also was a holdout at some point, and it actually lasted into the season.  Emmitt Smith was also a three-time Super Bowl champion.  Emmitt spent a couple years at ESPN proving the importance of the high school English class we all thought was pointless, but he also proves you don’t need a genius in your backfield to win a Super Bowl.

To trade a once-in-a-lifetime talent like CJ just because he’s not Myron Rolle is pretty much clown shoes.  CJ’s little holdout has had absolutely no negative impact on the team.  Teammates understand the business, and Coach Fisher is still cracking jokes.

So it looks like we’re all stuck with the Offensive Player of the Year, multiple NFL record-holder, and the only reason we have a chance to be successful this year.

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  • Shawn Smith

    Agree 100%…I thought that other article was pure stupidity. Athletes hold out after having a great season…that’s typical. To trade a guy just because he’s asking for more money is ridiculous, especially when he’s doing it in May.

  • Pirate Football

    Chris Johnson may not be every coach’s dream but he is definitely every fantasy owner’s dream. The Titans trading CJ would be as dumb as trading your whole draft for Ricky Williams. He’s a love or hate personality but you can’t be mad at a guy for being himself… especially when that guy ran the fastest recorded 40 at the combine (4.24), and in just 2 years in the league has already set the record for most total yards from scrimmage in a season (2509), was the first player to gain over 2000 yards on the ground and 500 through the air in one season, and had more rushing TDs for 85 yards or long in one season (3) than anyone else has had in a career. Love CJ or hate CJ… either way they need to pay CJ.

    Go Pirates.

  • cody

    I would just like to say simply this……nearly everything I have ever read on bleacher report is garbage. I just read an article on the projected depth chart for us in 2010 and it at the linebacker position it had colin aldred as one of our starters outside. And witherspoon playing middle. I’m pretty sure tully is still here and no one is taking the middle from him. Unless KB comes back and thorton is 100 percent healthy and better than ever. Than id say witherspoon could play the middle. But neither KB or thorton is going to start or be a titan in 2010(wich brraks my heart on KB) . Tully is our man in the middle. Witherspoon is playing outside(starting) and mcrath is likely starting on the other side. Curran will start before aldred ever will

  • Stephen Kasper

    Hey Matt,

    Stephen Kasper here, featured columnist from Bleacher Report. I have to agree with you. The article by Gerald was quite something and I’m not sure what was on his mind, but Chris Johnson is going no where.

    Some people may not believe this, but CJ loves his teammates and he loves the Titans. He has backed up his O-line several times and has became good friends with several of his teammates and coaches. He wants to be there, but he wants respect. In his eyes, respect is given in AT LEAST 7 figures.

    I mean yeah, the guy’s under contract, but come on… he’s got a backup (who might play special teams at best) that’s about to make more than him season…

  • Matt Johnson

    Well I’m sure glad the idea of trading CJ hasn’t caught on with Titans fans. I believe it when you say he loves his teammates, he seems like an easy guy to play with and a good teammate.

    The perception that is he is “me-first” is pretty unfair…Chris doesn’t want all the attention nor has he demanded that play-calling revolves around him at all times, he just wants to get PAID.

    It would be interesting to see how Adrian Peterson would have responded if he were picked late in the first round and had the dominating 2 seasons that he had. I haven’t done much research but it seems like CJ is in uncharted territory, for a late first round pick to have such success so early into his rookie deal.

  • Matt Johnson

    Cody, I do remember seeing that depth chart with Allred starting and I remember being pretty confused. But in defense of the Bleacher Report, he’s a good piece on how history is not on CJ’s side for a good 2010 season: