Meet the Titans: Myron Rolle

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Myron Rolle at the 2010 NFL Draft (

Warning: I thought the Myron Rolle pick by the Titans was an excellent decision, and I am proud to have him on my team. That being said, this will not be a fawning piece of gushing praise for this player. I intend for this to be a look at Rolle, the good, and the bad, from a football and non football perspective. This is just the start of a planned series on each draft pick, detailing in depth the good and bad from each player.

The Good:  Well…I mean Rolle is smart, he’s a Rhodes Scholar who spent a year in Oxford, England studying. Rolle was the top rated recruit in the entire nation coming out of high school according to the ESPN150.  Very good against the run, and at 6-2, 215, He can provide great hitting power. His brain means he will know the playbook, and will always take great angles to the ball in order to make up for any physical deficiencies he may have.

The Bad: While Rolle is big, and does very well against the run, it would seem that he has somewhat stiff hips. The unfortunate thing about that is really, there’s not a whole lot you can do about that. I’ve got stiff hips, and no matter how much I try, you can’t really loosen them all that much. What this means is that Rolle has trouble turning quick enough from his backpedal to running with a WR, which can hurt him against faster receivers. He is not the best man to man coverage safety. Some scouts question his commitment to football after taking a year off to study in Oxford.

Where Does He Fit In: This one is hard to figure out…I know he will contribute on special teams, and could be a solid backup safety for run situations. Some see him as a dimeback, but I just think his coverage skills need too much work before we get to this point. Only time will tell with Rolle.

Overall: There’s no getting around that Rolle has some physical limitations. He has stiff hips, and can be beat from a pure athletic standpoint. On the plus side, no one will work harder than him, be more prepared then him, and be a smarter player on the field. If nothing else, he makes us and the Titans have a great spokesperson and arbiter of arguments in the locker room. If I wanted to grade this pick, which is a totally awful idea because you don’t really know until 3 years down the road, I’d give it a solid B+

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  • andrewmelnick

    I love the fact that Rolle will play in Fisher’s 46 defense. I’m not sure there was a better fit for him anywhere.

    • Nick Ewing

      I love Rolle and I think he will find his way into the seconday. If he can improve his coverage he will be a stud!

    • Jake Thompson

      No, there probably was not a better fit for him. It allows him to be strong against the run, yet still have enough support in the pass game that he doesn’t get burned. I also have faith that as smart as Rolle is, he can overcome and physical limitations. He does have the best DB’s coach in the league, in Fisher himself.

  • Walter Godfrey

    I think your assessment of Rolle is incorrect. You seem to follow whatever is being written or said in the media. Have you ever seen Rolle play? Did you understand his role in the FSU defense? Have you seen him get beat in coverage? Please go and examine why Rolle never got more than one (1) interception during his time at FSU. His coverage was always on point and receivers he covered rarely had balls thrown at them. Let me give you an example of Rolle’s cover skills. Check the U of Miami game in 2008. They challenged him and will negative results.

    Check your facts about the STIFF HIPS. Look at Rolle Pro Day results as compared to any of the “Top Safeties”. Rolle’s Pro Shuttle was 4.08 Secs. His Three Cone Drill was 6.48 Secs (Best of any 2010 draftee). What does these result tell you. Rolle can change direction effortless and is explosive. If his hip was so stiff as you contend, maybe his times would approach that of some of the more highly rated safeties.

    While your Blog is well intended and does provide a forum for discussion, it is far to common for individuals to repeat misguided information. There is a saying that if you repeat a lie sufficiently, it becomes the truth.

    The Titans have an excellent defender in Rolle and it is only a matter of time when Rolle becomes an integral part of the defensive plan. Tennessee has a defender who is competent against the run as well as the pass. Someone who will be on point 9 out of 10 times.

    • Nick Ewing

      Walter-I hope you are correct about Rolle. The player you describe sounds more like a second or third round pick so perhaps we got exceptional value in the sixth round. From the footage I have seen he looks more like a run stopper but maybe I was looking for that after having heard that analysis elsewhere.

    • Jake Thompson

      I do agree that Rolle will be on point most of the time but I disagree in your assessment. The reason he did not have as many interceptions is the same reason Eric Berry out of Tennessee did not have as many this year. They used him differently. Rolle was brought up to the line more, was used to blitz a lot more, and consequently, didn’t have as many opportunities.

      As far as stiff hips go, I stand by that. If every scout that writes for ESPN, NFL Network, and such says that, then it is true. Granted, at FSU, he can get away with that. Once you get to the Elite level, that is the NFL, any small weakness becomes magnified. His hips are stiff, while his cone times were great. I will still wait until he gets game experience to judge correctly.

      I never said the pick was bad trust me, I love the pick, but he is not perfect, nor is he the next Ed Reed. If I am still on this blog 3 years from now and he is the next Ed Reed, then I will owe you an apology.

  • LBGary

    Great start to your blog, Jake. I just Tweeted the post.


  • John Walker

    Don’t go by what you read or what you hear on ESPN or the NFL network, we have to wait and see about those hips of Rolles. Rolle was asked to support the run and that’s what he did and did it well.
    Whatever he’s asked to do for us, he’ll do it well. If you say that he’ll be prepared by knowing the playbook inside out and he’ll be a hardworker on and off the field, well that’s commitent in my book.
    Afterall the Football Gods are wrong more than 50% of the time. I agree w/ you in a 3 year assesment, then we can judge this crop.

    • Jake Thompson

      I refuse to condemn him to mediocrity now I will say that. I know that many people say his hips are stiff and that is a negative and I am reporting it. I think he will overcome it just fine personally.