Damian Williams to Pass Kenny Britt on Depth Chart?

By all post-draft accounts, the Tennessee Titans got tremendous value when they selected Damian Williams in the third round with the 77th overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.  The University of Southern California receiver has big play ability and a solid work-ethic.  I agree with Todd Jacobs that the most likely scenario for Williams this year is to return kicks and play as a third or fourth receiver on offense.

That’s what I think in the short-term anyway.  A closer look at the off-season of last season’s top receiver for the Titans, Kenny Britt, leaves much to be desired.  Britt finished last season with a respectable 42 catches, 702 yards, and 3 touchdowns.  Not bad.  What’s he been up too since the season ended? Apparently not a lot of good.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Britt is out of shape and coach Jeff Fisher is keeping him off the field this week for fear of injury.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how an NFL player like Britt would allow himself to enter camp without being prepared.  What exactly was he doing this off-season?

First, according to Wyatt, Britt bailed a childhood friend out of jail. Sounds harmless enough until you read that the friend was in jail on charges of hindering the prosecution and possession of a firearm in connection with a murder.  Britt was then arrested himself in January for almost $1000 in outstanding traffic warrents.  None of these things are really terrible I suppose (assuming his friend is innocent), but they are not good things either.  Unless those speeding tickets and/or parking tickets have to do with multiple trips back and forth to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club, I am not impressed.

Enter Damian Williams.  Williams is a hard worker who will be competing with Britt, Nate Washington, and Justin Gage for playing time at receiver.  I hope all four of those receivers have solid pre-seasons because the Titans need quality and depth at receiver.

I have to think that Jeff Fisher is less than impressed with Britt’s commitment to the team right now.  I think Washington, Gage, and Williams will all have an opportunity to move their way up the depth chart if Britt is playing catch-up for too long.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh on Britt? Am I too high on Williams? How do you think the four receivers will rate on the depth chart when the season starts?

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  • Shawn Smith

    You’re being too harsh on Britt…he’s a 21 year old kid who is a millionaire with a successful rookie season in the NFL. Allow him to grow up a little…I’m sure he’ll get into shape soon and be back on the field. He is too talented…but I do like Damian Williams.

    I think a pairing of Britt as the big, physical receiver and Williams as the shifty receiver will become one of the top WR pairs in the league.

    • Nick Ewing

      Shawn-You are probably right. I sincerely hope Britt gets back on track and I would love to see he and Williams as our starting receivers. You think Williams can pass Gage and Washington on the depth chart??

  • cody

    I’ve thought of a simular scenario. Before drafting D Will, I was hoping to see a depth chart order of Britt Gage than Nate. Nate seems more like a slot receiver than a 1 or 2 guy outside and 12 Gage is that solid possession reciever that u look for 2 that will break his back for u. Obviously we spent a 1st round on britt to be our number one for his play making ability. However, picture this…..with kennys “lack of commitment” he is probaly not going to see that 1 spot he has been wanting anytime soon. So with vets nate and gage starting that leaves a swinging door at the 3 spot. Now u don’t see the titans in a lot of 3 or 4 receiver formations so a 3rd receiver in a given play isn’t too big of a gamble to interchange with two young players such as britt and williams. I know coach dinger and fish want to see what williams can do past returning. So say he gets a couple oppertunities earlier and blows us all away. He is a beast on screens. So now the office knows that he belongs on offense as much as they can. Earning that 3 spot or even higher that slides number 18 to 4th reciever. Now we all know how sentimental bud adams is over 1st round picks and it won’t be long before he wants britt in a starting role btw his skills do rate a 2 spot at worst for our team. Here comes the bold statement…before the year is over the titans don’t know what to do besides giving both britt nad dwill the 1 and 2 spots leaving nate and gage competing for a 3 spot. Or I say screw the whole spot thing and let gage sub in and out for the two young guys outside where he has earned and let nate play the slot where he belongs. Keep dwill returning and letgage take the first few snaps while he catches his breath than let him play after 2 or 3 downs. Its a reach but with this whole youth movement we are going after and letting go of great vets, what better than to have 2 young receivers that could build a solid tandem for years. Speaking of youth…vy cj and cook yes cook play the kid he is the next dustin kellar whom I knew from jefferson high school in lafayette indiana and watched every purdue home game at ross aid stadium. Oh ya watch levelle hawks highlight real from cal on utube and tell me why he isn’t more involved. I lnow that was college but him and cook were vital in the 99 yard drive at arizona. Dammit it feels good to write here. This is my first post ever. I hope it wasn’t too far fetched. Ps if all this means we gotta see someone go…..I like the young guys too much and 12 gage is way to reliable. Id say nate is not living up to a 6 year 30 mil contract and is better suited in the slot if anywhere. I like him but some free agent that has upside doesn’t have half the ceiling that our young guys do and he has never broke his back nor caught 50 percent of vy’s pin point deep balls last year…about 6 were right on the money and nate failed. They were just about all garenteed touchdowns too. Heart breakers. What do u think

    • Nick Ewing

      Cody-I’ll tell you what I think, I think you need to post more often! You can’t let all those thoughts just build up like that! I am optimistic that Britt will get back on track and have a solid year but I think Williams is going to push for playing time as the #2 receiver sooner than people think. Most analysts have him returning punts and not much else. I think Williams is going to end up being one of the drafts biggest surprises and by the end of the year he will be the #2 receiver.

  • cody

    I read these blogs all the time and its always interesting to here other points of view. If u give me a topic ill go to town on it. I love the titans. There is so much I want to talk about and I’m glad I found a place to do it. What do u guys wanna talk about. How do u think we did on filling in our holes on defense. I think we did a great job. Still there are questions at corner but its not as bad is it seems. A lot of young guys but with a descent pass rush this year its gonna help their game. We played our cheap skate game in free agency and got some good players in the draft

    • Nick Ewing

      Well hopefully if Derrick Morgan can help us get a consistent pass rush it will help the entire defense. You can’t blame the secondary when the opposing QB’s have all day to throw right? It sounds like this week Jason McCorty has been playing CB with the first team alongside Cortland Finnegan. It will be interesting to see how the secondary shapes up. I am hoping Myron Rolle finds a place. The guy I am most curious about is Rennie Curran, what do you think will happen with him?

  • cody

    I totally agree. Its not that our young corners were that bad but look at their first two games they had to start. Peyton and the colts week 5 than tom brady week 6. Everyone gets burned by those guys. Two rookie corners and an injured d line…ya that’s the perfect storm. But I do think McCourtney has good chance to step up and I’m glad they are throwin him in the mix getting firsrt team reps rather than one of the vets that can’t offer us too many more years. I wonder about The 4th rounder Vern from UCLA. We basicallytraded white to move up and take this guy so I hope he pans out one day.
    But yes…you read my mind. Rennie Curran. I don’t know what was more of a value pick for us williams or curran. He led the SEC in takles 2 years in a row. The SEC. He he fell to us is a mystery. The guy is a tackling machine. He can play run thumper in the middle if he needs to but is a monster on the outsides as well. He can run sideline to sideline chasing backs down and he is a sure tackler. And he has the ability to make it hurt. I was joking with my dad and said if they find a way to play him than someone is leaving on a stretcher. I think big will witherspoon was the best move we made in free agency. Also a former georgia bulldog. And McGrath answered his call to duty last year. So I’m thinking those will be our starters this year being thorton can’t stay healthy. But id love to see Curran get some play time maybe behind McGrath. Its funny how that was one of our big needs a couple months ago but now we have such a solid depth at OLB that its anyones cchance to play. Ill say that he is thr guy I’m the most currious about. Him and Williams because their near future is so uncertain but so much potential. Because we don’t know what’s going to happen with them. I’m pumped about morgan(I actually cheared when NY took JPP at 15 so we didn’t have to and knowing Morgan was ours). But we already know the Morgan is going to get his chance ealry. I just hope spme others do to.

  • cody

    Sorry for all the typo’s. I’m doing this from a phone that needs Jesus so I half the words I write I can’t even see nor can I get fancy with my format here. That’s no excuse for why my posts are so long. I told u I tend to go to town on this

    • Nick Ewing

      Cody-No worries about the typo’s, I love your enthusiasm!

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  • mikey

    I hope williams will pass britt. Britt needs to grow up and not get into trouble. We already made a mistake with pacman. CJ is demanding money and not showin up to practice even though hes working out on his own. We need to instill discipline into these players. Williams seems to be a classy player from the interviews I have watched. I hope he pans out and becomes the real deal. But then again look at the history of WRs out of USC…mike williams, dwayne jarrett…

    To go off on a tangent, I personally believe that CJ is not as special as he claims to be. If the O-line can make a fatass in Lendale white run over 1,100 yards then Im sure a RB with decent speed can put up numbers close to CJ. The O-line deserves all the credit. Props to the O-line coach hes one hell of a leader.

    • Nick Ewing

      If not CJ then who will be our RB? You think Blount could get 1000 yards? I think he could!

      • mikey

        I think that a combination ringer and blount would be even more powerful. Each could get at least 800 yards. Add in a speedy vince young we definitely have both power and speed when running the football. What we need to focus on is trying to spread the ball out even though vince doesnt have a great arm. This is where cook needs to be used more now that crumpler the fumbler is gone. He needs a go to guy on 3rd downs and still doesnt seem quite connected with scaife. I want to see more play action this season with CJ still on the team.

        The defense needs the D-line to step up big time. It is truly what makes or breaks the D. Look at the vikings, colts, cowboys, giants…all have dominant ends and tackles. I am loving the progress of jason jones. He needs to anchor the line like old fat albert. If he and derrick morgan step up then we should be fine

  • Gerald

    You are being ridiculous on Kenny Britt. First, it is not training camp. It was a voluntary organized team activity held in April. Second, Britt can spend his money on whatever he wants so long as it is legal. The unpaid traffic tickets that he racked up in college? Come on. It is amazing how the Nashville folk blow small incidents out of proportion (like a picture of Vince Young – gasp! – drinking an alcoholic beverage!) when it is the Titans but look the other way for far more serious incidents with the Tennessee Volunteers. Kenny Britt’s showing up to an OTA out of shape and having a few parking tickets is a sign of concern, but a Vols’ player is connected to an armed robbery attempt, is back in the starting lineup after missing one game, and no one says a peep. That’s just one example!

    Of course, it is ideal if your WRs have a work ethic like Jerry Rice. But where is your evidence that Justin Gage, Nate Washington, Lavelle Hawkins, Paul Williams (or the TEs like Craig Stevens, Jared Cook and Bo Scaife) have that sort of work ethic? More to the point: if they do, it still doesn’t make them good players! Name another NFL team where Gage, Washington and Scaife get the playing time that they do in Tennessee, or Hawkins and Williams collect paychecks for 3-4 years.

    And that brings us to the bottom line. Instead of agitating for Britt, the one WR in Nashville who actually has the talent to start for other NFL teams, and the only such guy that the Titans have had since Derrick Mason left (or didn’t you see what happened to the careers of Drew Bennett, Justin McCareins, Roydell Williams, Brandon Jones, Courtney Roby, Tyrone Calico, Kevin Dyson etc. when they left Nashville?) to shape up or ship out? Please!

    If anything, you should be rooting for Britt AND Williams, the only two WRs on the Titans’ roster that were productive players in college (unless that tiny college that undrafted Nate Washington played for counts), to get as much time as possible. Look, Gage isn’t very good, and Washington isn’t either. If they were, they wouldn’t be in Nashville, because the Titans only signed them because they came relatively cheap. They picked up Gage because no one else wanted him and gave him a $14 million contract because they wanted to avoid having to draft or sign an actual #1 WR. They were hoping that Gage could be a #1 WR for less than half the going rate. Guess what … Gage has only shown why Chicago didn’t even try to keep him for the minimum salary. Nate Washington: more of the same. The guy was the 4th option in Pittsburgh behind two Pro Bowl WRs and a Pro Bowl TE, and Pittsburgh is a RUNNING team. But again, the Titans give him $25 million hoping to get a #1 WR for less than the $40 or $50 million that a Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne etc. gets.

    So, you should be ROOTING for the guy who could actually make the roster and get on the field for the Colts, Saints, Vikings or Texans (which Gage and Washington WOULDN’T because those teams have 4 guys BETTER) instead of trying to replace him.

    The Titans need to give Britt, Williams and Dominique Edison as many chances as possible this season, and to begin phasing out the two guys that the Titans are giving a combined $40 million in a FAILED attempt to keep from having to pay one guy who could actually play that much.

    • Nick Ewing

      Gerald-I would love nothing more than for Britt and Williams to play WR this year and have successful seasons. My concern is that Britt’s top priority this offseason was clearly not preparing himself to hit the ground running this year. If he pulls it together and has a good year I will be the first one to congratulate him but if he does not I think he has kinda opened himself up to be known as one of those guys who has the talent but not the will or desire. I hope I am wrong!

    • mikey

      good point gerald.

      titans wasted that 40 mil on 2 inconsistent players. They should have gotten someone like boldin while he was available. gage is average at best and washington can only play slot. britt has both speed and the ability to stretch the field. he better show that he can step up his game so we do not have to waste money on 3rd or 4th stringers on other teams. To help britts game, they should sign someone like marvin harrison. His presence would inspire britt to play every possession with his heart with a hall of famer watching and mentoring him.

  • Boss

    Gerald you made a very good point i feel like im the only one that has seen the talent in dominique edison nobody ever brings him up.

  • http://www.titansized.com Matt Johnson

    Man I remember how giddy I was when Edison had that monster preseason game. I was like we found our 7th round steal! He may not be the superstar I optimistically had him pegged to be after that preseason game, but he needs some more PT! And Dudley Guice should have been left on the team because of his name alone.