Titan Sized never played on this stage

What Titan Sized has been doing the last few days...

While I’m pretty sure that our jersey’s have been retired in some terrible, terrible… dark, dark place; we’ve actually been retired from this endeavor of athletic greatness for a few years. Sure there were some great matchups, clutch shots, exhilarating wins and losses, fights, etc… Actually, I’m not too sure. It’s a pretty fuzzy game. Either way, it’s pretty funny that acclaimed (and recently hired) ESPN columnist Rick Reilly wrote a piece on a college pastime that is equal parts ridiculously fun and ridiculously horrible. I used to be an athlete…

Speaking of college, apparently my esteemed colleague, Nixon Bishop, has pretty much been sleeping in his car and eating uncooked Ramen Noodles since his last post. You can protest that delay of game no-call as much as you want, however you want, but the game is over. Lest we forget, your epic 42 day protest in the “Armpit of the South” of the Auburn Tigers final 2004 AP ranking (#2) got you nowhere- plus the Trooper had a whole lot more leg room and a CD player. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you run the preeminent sports blog on the internet, this is a bit unprofessional. Seriously, boss, I’m just waiting for the next assignment (and the first paycheck). A Baltimore win shouldn’t erase your ability to hit accept on the cell phone. I’m hoping we’ll squash this and regroup.

In the meantime, here are a few links:

Many outlets have reported second interviews for a few candidates in the Detroit Lion’s search for a new head coach, but ProFootballTalk.com says that Jim Schwartz is still the favorite for the Motown vacancy.

Kerry Collins wants to return to the Titans next year as a starter, but if a starting opportunity doesn’t exist somewhere in the league,  he’s ready to chill at his farm. Jeff Fisher understands the situation, and says there’s plenty of time to sort things out.

There are also questions about Albert Haynesworth, a (presumably) new Defensive Coordinator (it won’t be Gregg Williams) and looking back at what was every bit as great a season as it was disappointing in the end.

Also, a nice story on ESPN about Nashville Predator defenseman (and complete stud IMHO)…

Stay Tuned…

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • gnbishop

    hey kellen, it’s nick. i’m at the library right now, seeing if my unemployment application went through, but i wanted to check on you and the site. still waitin’ on that first check tn. dept. of labor and workforce lady.  otherwise, they’re gonna kick me out of the motel i’ve been staying at. no cd player is one thing, but no heat in zero degree weather is another.

    listen, i just want to thank you for throwing a little salt in the wounds. classy. i’m practically homeless, ready to all but give up on this crazy world, and you come along and bring up the “great hate debate of 2004″. robbed. robbed i tell you.

    i gotta go here in a sec because all my minutes are about used up, but i just wanted to reach out and tell you that i in fact, do still hate you, and have been plotting your death on the second floor of a red roof inn since tuesday.

    so, be careful next time you do “laundry” you baltimoran. that is the correct term for a person originally from baltimore right?