I’ll tell you who the baby is…

“He’s a baby. He’s a soft baby… I stumbled across people who recruited him in college. They really tried to get him to go to Oklahoma. One of reasons they stopped their recruiting process was because he was such a baby . . . He was the most immature crybaby they ever met. He was soft; he wasn’t tough.” 

I don’t know if you all have caught this yet, but ESPN’s Merril Hoge has once again opened his fat, unintelligent mouth about injured Tennessee Titans quarterback, Vince Young. Now this isn’t the first time that Hoge has sounded off on his utter disdain for VY, but his comments made on a Pittsburgh radio station may have finally crossed the line. Hoge has been at it ever since the Titans drafted Vince in 2006, and the way that he seems to almost relish in the fact that Vince has struggled this year oozes out of his voice during the interview. Personally, I find it pretty funny that a guy who was a mostly forgettable NFL player, outside of a couple of decent seasons, is so hell-bent on completely trashing a guy that has a chance to be a star in this league. Especially, when the guy right next to him on ESPN’s NFL Matchup, Ron Jaworski, has not only defended Young, but was actually a good quarterback in his own right, spending 17 seasons in the league. Something tells me that Jaws may have a little better idea of what he is talking about. Anywho, I promised myself that A) I wouldn’t go off on some long-winded diatribe about this because Hoge isn’t worth it and because I’m tired of talking about the VY saga when our team is 3-0 and on top of the division, and B) I don’t want to say anything that I may regret. Hoge has always been an idiot, so nothing in the interview was in the least bit surprising. And listen, just so I don’t seem like a complete VY apologist, I’ll admit that some of the criticism levied against him has been fair. He does seem to have trouble reading coverages and with his accuracy, and maybe he is a bit of a pouter sometimes, but to have such a vendetta to see someone fail, just so it proves you are right is pretty disgusting. Get a life Merril. And a haircut… (For the record, I regret none of that.)

On a side note, Titans coach Jeff Fisher has come out and refuted most of what Hoge said in the interview, calling much of it “incorrect” and “so far out of line”. Maybe he’s just doing what most coaches would do, but he seems genuinely pissed in regards to the stuff about VY and the limo, and how adamant he was about the Titans not drafting Young. I mean, why would Jeff Fisher let Merril Hoge inside his “war room” on draft day? That’s pretty privileged info that they don’t really share with guys not named Chris Mortensen and John Clayton, and if the Titans front-office really was that torn, would they really just run around divulging that information to anyone that asked, especially some third-rate analyst? Not positive, but I don’t think so.  Enough rambling for now. If you haven’t heard the audio, check it out above and listen to the hatred for yourselves. Let’s get the boards fired up on this one. I’m dying to know your thoughts.

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  • Weston

                                      “FERRIL HOG”

    What a fuck-tard!!! I cant wait till VY comes back and he (FERRIL HOG!!)covers the game or has to talk about it. VY is just getting more and more fuel!!! Lets just hope that he can turn all of this into a positive.  Show all of these arrogant people that feel it is their duty to bash someone who has more athletic ability in his pubic hair then they have ever had. Come on Hog dont be so mad that you have always sucked and will continue to suck!

  • elisha

    That’s all fine and good Merril. Why don’t you learn to read or speak with an ounce of fluidity. How many rounds did Merril have before this interview?

  • FatAlbertPainsworth

    I don’t even know why we are paying attention to this guy. Who cares what he has to say. He sucked as a pro, 3.8 yards a carry, just over 3,000 yards rushing, whoa big whoop. Until a former NFL star who actually played quarterback, NOT RUNNING BACK, and a proven one at that comes out and criticizes VY, such as Elway or Marino or one of those guys, I’m not going to listen to any of this guy’s B.S. Congratulations Merril on being a mediocre pro. In 10 years, no one’s going to remember jack shit of your playing career. If Vince doesn’t pan out, atleast he’s always got those two Rose Bowl performances. 

  • tightend28

    The Merril Hoge/ Jerry Lee Lewis resemblance is effing priceless.

  • http://titansized.com Nick

    you like that don’t you. i had a pretty good time with that one myself. thanks for noticing.