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So, when we left each other, I had just finished the last mock draft before my first real one. As I said yesterday, the league I was drafting for tonight was a head-to-head, 12-team draft with 15 rounds (one extra), starting 1 QB, 2, RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB/WR) 1 K, 1 DEF, and 6 bench spots. We dropped the PPR category, but took away a WR, added a flex and changed the point scoring up a bit (won’t go into that), but I think we stayed pretty true to form over past with past years. Since we are now without Kirkwood, we held this year’s draft at the friendly confines of Melrose Pool Hall, my favorite bar left in Nashville, and also where you can find me watching many a Braves baseball games. However ugly they are these days. Below are the results of my draft. I felt much better about this real one, than the crappy, not-real one I drafted last night.

Note: I almost traded up in the first round of the draft to Jody’s three spot. I wasn’t so sure that pick six was going to get the caliber of player that I could have gotten with the third, but after knowing who was picking before me, I thought I might still be able to get one of those guys that I would have targeted in the first three picks. We shall see…

1st round: Joseph Addai. He was one of my top four overall last night, and that didn’t change this evening. After Steven Jackson and Tom Brady went four and five, I got my guy at six without trading up. I was going to take Brian Westbrook with the third if I had traded (who Jody rightfully took) but I was thrilled to get Addai in the six hole.

2nd round: Reggie Wayne. I know it’s another Colt, but in my estimation, Wayne is the best WR in the draft outside of Moss and Owens. Fitzgerald was taken a few picks before mine (who is also up there), so I was thrilled when he made it to me three spots later.

3rd round: Drew Brees. So this wasn’t really my plan, but I couldn’t pass on Brees here. If he stays healthy, he’ll have a plethora of options to throw to (Colston, Shockey, Bush, Meachem, etc.) and a schedule that favors the pass. I may have taken a QB higher than I wanted to, but I really feel as though Brees is the last of the truly elite quarterbacks.

4th round: Santonio Holmes. Missed out on a few of the top-tier WR’s left (Plax, Welker, Colston) so I took a guy that I think will put up just a good of numbers, and with maybe more upside, in Holmes. He had a breakout year last season, and I think he is primed to jump into the elite class of receivers this year.

5th round: Jonathan Stewart. I don’t know what really came over me here, but I needed another RB, and his was the name I kept seeing the most. I’ll need to get DeAngelo Williams as a handcuff later on though if I can.

6th round: Roddy White. Again, don’t know what really came over me, but I actually like the pick. The more I looked at his numbers last year, and realized how steadily he got those numbers, I saw it as my only move. Most of the top RB’s were gone (see my 5th round pick), so I took a guy that I can play at WR or the flex position. I know he doesn’t have a QB to speak of throwing to him, but I still think he’ll get his. I mean, who was throwing to him last year? Oh that’s right, Mr. Champagne and Caviar himself, Joey Harrington. I thought I could wait and get some decent RB value later.

7th round: Jeremy Shockey. Ok, so I hate him as a person (not as a patriot), but if healthy, I think he’s a great fit for the Saints. I missed the run on top TE’s (Witten, Gates, Winslow, Clark) and actually saw a few others go before my pick, so Shockey sort of landed in my lap. I hate taking a TE this early, but with the run, and the Brees-Shockey connection (Drew loves his TE’s) on the table, Captain America was too hard to pass up.

8th round: DeAngelo Williams. I had seen him going a lot higher in mock drafts (before Stewart much of the time) so I went on and got my handcuff here. Glad I waited.

9th round: Kevin Smith. I take another RB because A) you can always use more RB’s, and B) he was the last starting RB left and the highest rated RB left on my board. Could have gotten great depth as RB, or a great trade piece if he is indeed the top back in Detroit.

10th round: DeSean Jackson. Value pick. With Kevin Curtis out indefinitely, he could do some damage returning kicks and running up the seam in Philadelphia. This is when it starts getting hairy in 12-team drafts.

11th round: Brett Favre. I could have waited and gotten another decent backup (John Kitna or Jason Campbell) but I didn’t see anyone else that I really liked. Plus, Favre has some nice weapons (Coles, Cotchery, Jones, Baker) to work with. I think he has one more great year in him.

12th round: Steve Slaton. Not really sure what I was doing here, but since I missed out on all of the top defenses that I wanted (another position that I had hoped wouldn’t go so high), I took another guy with tremendous upside. He’s still third in line in Houston, but I’d bet you a small fortune that Ahman Green and Chris Brown don’t stay healthy all year.

13th round: Baltimore’s defense. I hate them so, so much, but I didn’t really have a choice once the Colts and the Bucs D were taken out from under me. I really did want the Titans D, but they went way too high (what else did you expect?) and there isn’t that big of a difference between the middle-tier defenses. I’ll keep an eye on matchups to play for defenses throughout the year because honestly, that may be the way to do it.

14th round: Philadelphia’s defense. Another defense to play with. They play in a dreaded division for defenses, but they did get Asante Samuels, and they do have some other nice pieces there. Again, we’ll see how long either of these defenses stick.

15th round: Josh Brown. This was the last round, and I stuck to my word by waiting until then to take a kicker. You just never know who is going to be the next fantasy stud here (Neil Rackers in 05′, Robbie Gould in 06′ and our very own Rob Bironas in 07′) so I didn’t invest a whole lot in this pick. The Rams will be able to move the ball with Jackson and Holt, and Brown was an incredibly accurate kicker in Seattle last year, so kicking indoors at the Edward Jones Dome may only boost his value. It is what it is. I’ll take it.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this draft. I would have preferred a great second RB but I feel like I got some guys who may fill that spot rather well. I got a top three running back, wide receiver and quarterback (in my opinion), plus a TE that fit really well with my team and a great bench.

I’m hoping that some of the other guys that participated in this draft, and that read this blog (you do read this don’t you?) will post their teams as well so that you, the loyal readers, can help break this league down. Bring it on fools, let’s allow the public to speak!

Finally, I got a t-mail message from one of the kids I’m in a New Jersey draft with this weekend, doing a whole lot of s-talking, telling my how he thought the team that I mocked last night was complete garbage. I told him that it was just a warm-up, and that I would be much more prepared come time of the real/fantasy draft. Well, I am. I’ll talk to you on Sunday Jersey. And remember, practice makes you (me) perfect…


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  • elisha

    i think this is the right order, but it was a bar and they sell beer there. so…

    i had the #1 pick, which has never happened to me before, so i was pretty stoked. The only bummer is if you do a snake draft like we did, the #1 has 23 picks before the second round. However, the up side is you get to have one-two punches for the rest of the draft. So, bare that in mind. All my picks after one were back to back. here goes…

    1st round: LT. period. I had to. 

    2nd: Braylon Edwards – this is the only stud I have in my recieving core.

    3rd: Brandon Marshall - I’m pretty sure he was the highest pick left. Also, I was feeling out the other teams and I suspected that I could nab Jay Cutler. I know it doesn’t make a huge difference, but I like have a QB/Rec combo on the team. 

    4th: Ryan Grant – I think I heard a number of people saying, “Oh boy, I am putting a lot of faith in Aaron Rogers being able to run that offense.”  I felt the same way. He was the top rated RB left. I didnt feel to good about it, but we’ll see.

    5th: Tony Gonzalez – Top rated TE left at this point. I felt pretty good about taking him in the 5th. TE were going fast and I have been through enough seasons with terrible TEs. I wanted a decent one and I got one.

    6th: Jay Cutler – I know, I know. I had Hasselbeck and  Derek Anderson available and ranked higher, but you have to factor in the fact that I’m from Nashville and have always been a huge Vandy supporter because my old man graduated from VU. Also, I think….no, belive he’ll have a good  year. That’s for you pops. I hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass. Also, all i have read says take a QB in the first five, but this draft class had a deep field of QBs. I would have been fine taking Campbell in the 8th, but i digress.

    7th:Giants D – (I think this is right) Defenses were going early this year for some reason. I know that all you read is that D’s are fluid and can be picked up based on match-ups throughout the season. What can I say? I like having a good D. More on this later.

    8th: Phillip Rivers – I was scared that Cutler may need some help. I really needed a good back-up QB so that I could start based on match-ups. With Culter I knew I needed to have the QB equivelent of 2 Back back field. I wouldn’t trust either of these guys for a whole season. A round or two early for a back up, but like I said…

    9th:Ronnie Brown – I watched him run in college at AU. I love the guy and he was a very good value pick this late in the draft. I don’t think that he’ll get a ton of starts, but who knows.

    10th: Indy D – This one chapped some asses (Nick mainly), but I wanted to burn some people for waiting late to pick up a D. Defenses are like TE, they drop off dramatically after the top 5. And like I said before… I decide most of my starts on match ups. Indy is a really soild D. I actually really liked this pick. I should also mention that I really wanted the Titans for this pick, but we live in Nashville and no matter how pourly ranked the Titans D is, we know that they are FUGGIN MEAN!! With Kearse looking good and Bosh and Hainsworth, we may have the best D-line in the NFL, but they were already taken.

    11th: Jerry Porter: He actually had some good games last year playing for a horrible Raiders team. I know he’s far from a #2 even, but I’m confidant that Garrard will have a decent year and hopefully get Porter the ball. What do you want? It’s the 11th round.

    12: Vinatieri – Payton is going to get in the red zone a ton. I didn’t want to take a kicker this early, but like Ds, thery were dropping like flys in this draft for some reason. I wanted a decent one and I knew if I waited I would be stuck with someone crappy, so I struck a little early.

    13th-15th: Deon Branch, JaMarcus Russell and Marty Booker. I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh right! I was thinking it’s 11:30pm and I need sleep. I took the highest ranking WRs and QB that was left. Actaull, on Russell I think that they could be a 8-8 team of maybe a little better, maybe. WIth McFadden, the Raiders could have a decent passing game. Like they say, when the running game is rolling it takes a lot of pressure off your QB. I wanted someone that could maybe pick up trade value later in the year. We’ll see.

    Anyways, there you have it. I tried to get the order right, but like I said before, I had back to back picks. Nick can clear up any picks I messed up.

    Overall I am pretty happy with my team, except for my receivers, but they could pan out. It’s a long season and I know this is crazy, but after week 8 or 10 a lot of the lower ranked guys quit caring and you can really make moves into Ws.

  • krbarton

    hola, I was drafting from the 8-spot (i’m pretty sure) and in terms of the fantasy football research I was a little lacking, but did what I could. As a whole, I was pretty willing to let QB, TE, D, and K wait for quite awhile initially, but when I realized that I was pretty short on receiving as a whole I tried to make a move on some tight ends earlier than I thought I would. Needless to say, Gates and Witten went in the four picks before me, and kind of screwed me over… but anyway this is what I got (in almost accurate order).

    1. Marshawn Lynch. At this spot, a lot of the top RB’s were gone. I was left with a decision between Lynch and Portis- both of whom I liked as much as some guys that went before them. I went with hit and run.

    2. Larry Johnson. I know he was hurt last year. I know in the last 3 years he has as many carries as the postal service. I know he’s a huge risk that might play 4 games. I also know if he stays healthy and plays like he is capable of, I might have a steal here.

    3. Willis McGahee. Might not play week one. Third RB in a row. Never thought to draft Ray Rice as insurance. In a league with a flex position (first year I’ve played with one) could be as effective as most top flight receivers when healthy. I’m happy with the pick.

    4. Plaxico Burress. I think this is the pick I would have used for Gates or Witten if available, but ended up with a WR that lasted longer than he should of. If he comes close to last year I’m a happy camper.

    5. Donald Driver. Still need receiving. All of my top tier TE’s are off the board. Driver has quietly and consistently put up some very solid yards, receptions, and scores the last few years- and right or wrong I think that Rodgers might help, not hurt Driver’s numbers.

    6. Deuce McAllister. Not way too impressed with Reggie Bush.

    7. Matt Schaub. Needed some kind of presence at QB, and always liked him more than Vick in Atlanta. I really hope that Andre Johnson stays healthy.

    8. Dwayne Bowe. Not way to high on Bowe, but he seemed like a pretty good value pick here, and I still needed receiving help.

    9. Anthony Gonzalez. Still not way too confident with what I’ve got at WR here and I still like a number of the available wideouts more than any of the tight ends sticking around. I owned M. Harrison last year so the asshole Colts owe me.

    10. Vernon Davis. It was about time to finally pick a TE. I think Watson and Donald Lee were both still available here (and both helped me out last year) but I went with the upside- no matter how much better I think I can play quarterback than Alex Smith. VD was a Terp, just like F. Wycheck, so that’s got to be a good sign, right?

    11. Eli Manning. Needed a quarterback. I don’t like Eli Manning. He was still there when he probably shouldn’t have been. Let’s leave it at that. I’m sorry.

    12. Ahman Green. Still not ready to go K or D here, and I think he was the only RB available that is slated to start. Nothing ground shattering here, just a good, old fashioned value pick that probably won’t pan out at all.

    13. Owen Daniels. Needed another TE here and picked up Daniels before I realized he would make my third, THIRD, Texan on the squad. Hope Schaub plays well.

    14. Jeff Reed. He has a history of kicking the ball through the uprights. Kicker’s are a coin flip most years.

    15. Oakland D and S/T. I’m gonna play the waiver on this one.

  • weston

    7th pick in the draft. here it is…

    1st-randy moss
    2nd-maurice jones-drew
    3rd-michael turner
    4th-ben roethlisberger
    5th-anquan boldin
    6th-earnest graham
    7th-todd heap
    8th-kevin curits
    9th-nate buelson
    10th-ray rice
    11th-david garrard
    12th-shayne graham
    13th-seattle seahawks defense
    14th-d.j. hackett
    15th-tatum bell