The Tennessee Titans are finally Jon Robinson’s team

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Does Amy Adams Strunk really deserve Tennessean of the Year?

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This is finally the Titans team Jon Robinson wanted.

I don’t know why it hadn’t struck me before, but this is finally the Tennessee Titans team that Jon Robinson wanted.

Amy Adams Strunk is absolutely fantastic, but as a young owner she trusted in the incumbent head coach a little too much which is what led the Titans to Mike Mularkey‘s tenure with Tennessee.

As far as head coaches go, you could do worse and his ability to get the Titans to the playoffs and see them win a game for the first time in around a decade won’t be forgotten easily. However before that win, the Titans needed a GM to take over.

AAS picked Jon Robinson contingent on the retention of Mularkey as HC of the Titans and in that time Robinson had a very difficult task in front of him.

Eventually, Robinson would get his way and AAS would agree that a change was necessary and this change led to the Mike Vrabel era beginning in Tennessee.

At this point, Robinson had locked in his choice for one of the three key pieces of a franchise: Head Coach. Adding in himself as GM, and two of the three pieces were in place.

Know that it breaks my heart as a Marcus Mariota fan to say this, but the key piece that was not made by Robinson on this roster was in fact the QB.

That changed when Robinson took a flier on a Ryan Tannehill trade, giving up a future 4th round pick to land a player that I imagined would be one of the best backup QBs in the NFL with high-end upside.

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