2010 NFL Draft Report Card Fan Grade: Rusty Smith, F

Joshua Huffman

2010 NFL Draft Report Card Fan Grade
Team: Tennessee Titans
Round 6, Pick 176: Rusty Smith, QB, Florida Atlantic
Votes: 70
Incomplete: 3
Calculated Votes: 67
Median: 60
Mode: 60
FAN GRADE: 52.54 (F)
FAN GRADE W/ CURVE (62 Votes): 56.77 (F)

Plenty of varying opinions exist for the No. 3 quarterback who has become, as Josh Gunnels put it, “a sort of fan favorite in a tongue in cheek way.” 13 respondents gave Smith a 90 (A) while 11 respondents gave him a 20 (F). Eliminating the zeroes didn’t save Smith from a failing grade. Eliminating the zeroes and 20s would’ve bumped him up to a D. When everything is averaged out (along with median and modes), a 55-60 grade appears like the average consensus among readers and fans.

These results beg the question: Were some readers just answering in a “tongue-in-cheek” kind of way or are there people who’d truly like to see Smith compete for the No. 2, possibly even starting quarterback job with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jake Locker? In three NFL seasons, Smith has yet to throw a touchdown. His only start came during the 2010-11 season. He had a zero touchdown, three-interception performance against a Houston Texans defense that rarely held their opponents to fewer than 24 points. The Titans were scoreless in that game.

Stay tuned as Titan Sized continues this series of 2010 NFL Draft report cards.