Tennessee Titans: Marks or Smith?

Sep 11, 2011; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Sen

The Tennessee Titans have are pretty crowded at the DT position and it’s highly likely that someone doesn’t make the cut. Two of the biggest veterans on the chopping block are Sen’Derrick Marks and Shaun Smith.

Smith was a “big” offseason sign for the Titans last season, brought in by Jerry Gray to help clog up the defensive line with his big body. After his second best season of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010 the Titans hoped for a lot more.

Needless to say, they were disappointed. Smith’s stats were cut in half in 2011 and he was replaced halfway through the season by Sen’Derrick Marks.

Marks certainly didn’t blow anyone away and the Titans defensive line was far from a picture perfect line while he was starting.

So will one of these guys be hitting the road when the regular season starts?

The Titans have Casey, Klug, Martin, Marks, and Smith as their set five guys but there are also guys they’ve added in free agency such as Lamar Divens and Leger Douzable. Then you have Zach Clayton, as well as undrafted free agents such as DaJohn Harris. That’s not even everybody.

It’s an overloaded position and there’s gonna be more than a couple guys that don’t make the final roster that the Titans will try to squeeze on to their practice squad.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say the final DT group will include Casey, Klug, Martin, Marks, and perhaps… Dajohn Harris? It’s hard to say, but that’s my first guess at it. A lot happens in camp; injuries, poor play, and everything else.

Good luck to all the guys. You’ll be needing it.


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