Tennessee Titans: T-Rac hits the 40 and Campbell is a Safety…?



NFL Videos: Titans mascot tries his paw at the 40.

Here’s a fun little video from Titans Online. T-Rac tries his hand at the 40. There’s also a little note in here that just makes you curious. When Campbell comes in, it gives a little footer with his name and position like videos generally have.

The strange thing is that he was labeled as a safety.

This means nothing, but when you think about it, he could be a piece of the puzzle for the Titans lack of depth at safety. The Titans have McCourty, Verner, and Mouton all under contract at the CB position and it sounds like they should have a deal ready for Babineaux to sign once March 13th rolls around.

It sounds ever so likely that Michael Griffin will be back, though it may be via the franchise tag. That’s not written in stone though and that still leaves the departure of Chris Hope.

Campbell played some safety in college, so it’s definitely not out of the question. Don’t put any weight in it, but it’s just something to ponder over as we work our way towards free agency and the draft.

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