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 GUEST #11 – Matt Ward – 1/29/14

EDITOR NOTE: This is a Guest Spot contribution from Matt Ward.  Matt is a father of 2, pastors a church in Cleveland, TN, and serves the Army National Guard as a chaplain. He loves to talk all things Tennessee Titans on Twitter. You can follow him @titanchaps”

With the 2013 regular season in the rear-view mirror and the Super Bowl quickly approaching, NFL teams will begin to strategize about their offseason moves. Good moves might help a team get to the promise land, while bad moves might hurt a team for years to come. With a look at the Tennessee Titans, here are three positions that might need some fine-tuning… (Read More):

 GUEST #10 – Justin Becker (Fantasy Football Overdose) – 1/7/14

EDITOR NOTE: This is a Guest Spot contribution from Justin Becker of You can follow him on twitter at @NBAandNFLInfo, and for more information on the NFL visit – your online source for anything about fantasy football.

Mike Munchak is gone, Jake Locker is returning from a Lisfranc injury and Chris Johnson is too mediocre and too expensive to remain in Tennessee. Needless to say, by the time the 2014 NFL season arrives, a lot could be different for the Tennessee Titans.

By that time, a completely different offensive system could be in place, and the Titans could easily be starting over at some very key positions. But with turnover often comes new opportunity. With that in mind, let’s batten down the hatches and take a very early look at the 2014 Tennessee Titans and pick out their top breakout candidates for fantasy football (Read More):


Guest #9 – Greg Brosh (Fantasy Knuckleheads) – 8/5/13

EDITOR NOTE: This Guest Spot contribution comes from Greg Brosh. Brosh is the vice president and running backs analyst at Fantasy Knuckleheads Customizable Fantasy Football Draft Guide for 2013 is now live. Also follow them on Google +.

Coming off a highly-disappointing 2012 season in which he threw more interceptions (11) than touchdowns (10), Jake Locker is heading for a make-or-break year in 2013. As far as fantasy football relevance, Locker is currently in the dog house. As of this writing, his ranking is as the 27th quarterback taken off the board. In standard 12-team leagues, he’s off the draft radar completely. While I could say that’s a bit harsh since he’s being drafted behind players who have yet to take an NFL snap (Geno Smith/E.J. Manuel), Locker is just too hard to trust as a fantasy asset until we see whether or not he can get it together on the field…(Read More)

Guest #8 – Colin Lahey – 8/3/13

Editor Note: This Titan Sized Guest Spot submission comes from Colin Lahey. Lahey is a die-hard Titans fan from Brantford, Ontario (Canada). Brantford is an estimated 700 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee.

January 10, 2009.

The last time the Tennessee Titans played a game in the NFL postseason.  It doesn’t seem like all that long ago, unless of course, you’re a Titans fan.

So, what haven’t the Titans done over the past four seasons that made them so successful in 2008 (13-3 record)?  They haven’t had a winning record against their own division.  Mark my words: the 2013 season will be no different.  For the Titans, the key to success lies in the AFC South.  A winning divisional record and they’ll make the playoffs. .500 or worse and they’re out—again…(Read More)


Guest #7 – Marcus Stephen – 9/29/12

This edition of The Guest Spot comes to you courtesy of Marcus Stephen.

The Tennessee Titans will take their act on the road as they travel to Houston to play the Texans at Reliant Stadium on Sunday. In their most recent action, the Titans were winners in an overtime battle in Detroit. They won 44 – 41.

The Titans Special teams would be the receiver of my game ball as they sparked this team with a 62 yard punt return for a TD in the first quarter (a play Titan fans are oh so familiar with). This was followed up with a 105 yard kickoff return by Darius Reynaud in the 4th quarter. The defense tacked on another 7 with an Alterraun Verner touchdown off a “purse snatching” from Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew. Credit is also due to Jake Locker, with 387 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.  In this just his second season out of Washington, he has developed into a QB who can control the game and lead his team. But we need a RUNNING GAME!!…Read more


Guest #6 – Lucas McMillan – 8/29/12

This weeks edition of The Guest Spot comes courtesy of Lucas McMillan.

It seems crazy now. You might not even remember it; nobody seems to. But Jake Locker was Andrew Luck before Andrew Luck was Andrew Luck. The former University of Washington quarterback, at the tender age of 24, has already lived through the hype machine and lived to tell about it. This is the best thing that could have happened to him, because now no one remembers ‘Jake Locker, Can’t Miss Prospect.’ Now He’s ‘Jake Locker, Let’s See What the Kid Can Do.’…  Read more


Guest #5 – Peter Clarke – 6/27/12

Sorry we missed you guys last week, but we’re back with a new one for you. This week’s edition of The Guest Spot comes courtesy of Peter Clarke. You can reach him on Twitter @Pacman453323

Tennessee Titans Team Preview

What is working on Offense:

Chris Johnson has been in camp all offseason, and the Titans have let go of OG Jake Scott and acquired one of the best guards in the league in Steve Hutchinson from Minnesota. With star WR Kenny Britt, expected to be back week one after suffering a torn ACL last year, 1st rd draft pick Kendall Wright and Nate Washington (coming off a career year), this should be the best Titans WR group since the Oiler run and shoot days, as long as the right person runs the offense. The only question is which person will it be: Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker?

What is not working on Offense…. Read more


Guest #4 – Patrick Ward – 6/14/12

This edition of The Guest Spot comes courtesy of Patrick Ward. You can catch him on Twitter @JPatrickWard

What’s In Store For Chris Johnson In 2012?

One of the biggest question marks for the Tennessee Titans in 2012 has to be Chris Johnson. Can CJ2K find his step again and get back to being the game changer that he was just a couple of seasons ago? I believe many fans and the media have written Johnson off. This is a “what have you done for me lately” league and honestly, Johnson hasn’t done much for the Titans or anyone else lately. After an extended hold out, the Titans finally gave Johnson the superstar money ($53.5 million) he felt that he deserved after being only the sixth player in NFL history to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. There were many who criticized the Titans for giving that kind of money to a running back in an era where the position’s value is declining rapidly. His performance in 2011 did nothing to help his case. It is hard to defend a player who rolled up less than 25 yards in five games. There are running backs sitting on practice squads that could do better than that with half the snaps. Johnson has given the media and fans more than enough ammunition over the past year, and the ball is in his court to prove the critics wrong…. Read more


 Guest #3 – Chris Garete – 6/5/12

This weeks edition of The Guest Spot comes courtesy of Chris Garete. You can follow him on Twitter @cjg6710

This is a response to an article posted last week on The Guest Spot by Michael Campbell. You can view that article here.

Why Jake Locker Starts Week 1

An enormous problem for teams in the NFL is knowing when to pass the torch and anoint a new starting quarter back. Often times, teams change quarterbacks mid-season due to the fact that they have a poor record. (Last year see: Minnesota, Denver, Washington) The thinking in this is once the team is out of the playoff hunt, you see what the young QB is capable of and try to win a few games along the way. Unlike Cincinnati and Carolina, the Titans were not forced to use Locker in a season where there was a new coaching staff and no offseason training camp. Locker was able to sit back and watch from the sidelines as Matt Hasselbeck ran the offense. Locker undoubtedly learned a ton and has much more to learn, but I believe it’s time for that learning to take place on the field against actual NFL teams and defenses.  This year I believe Jake should start right out instead of waiting until we are 1-3 or worse and the season is all but over…. Read more


Guest #2- Michael Campbell – 5/31/12

This weeks edition of The Guest Spot comes courtesy of Michael Campbell. Follow him on Twitter @Campbellonious.

Why Matt Hasselbeck will Start Week 1

While Titans fans were forced to watch teams like Jacksonville throw their future franchise quarterback into the fire, (I say forced because it was truly painful to watch Blaine Gabbert command an NFL offense) they began to wonder what they had with their twelve million dollar man who had yet to see the field.  Did the rookie philosophy with Gabbert pan out?  If you consider shattering all confidence and costing one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL his job, then yes, it panned out.  Other rookie quarterbacks to get the starting nod early included Christian Ponder of Minnesota & Cam Newton of Carolina.  Ponder showed some signs of life and Newton absolutely lit it up last season…. Read more


Guest #1- Joshua Huffman – 5/23/12

Our first Guest Spot article comes to us courtesy of Joshua Huffman. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaRHuffman

No Peyton Manning? No problem. No free moon pies? Fewer problems.

The Tennessee Titans weren’t supposed to win more than seven games even with Kenny Britt in 2011. They became the only team who didn’t qualify for the postseason despite having a winning record (9-7). That was a solid accomplishment when one considers the situation that rookie head coach Mike Munchak found himself in. The Super Bowl champion New York Giants also finished with a 9-7 record (excluding postseason)…. Read more