NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 11, 2013 (Editor Edition)

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Observations, Past Results

  • Falcons vs Buccaneers…Redskins vs Eagles…those are a coin flip. Divisional rivalries against two evenly-matched teams. I went with the home team.
  • Normally, the Giants get the best of the Packers. The Packers without Aaron Rodgers, an underperforming defense and a near-guarantee of another weekly injury? Gotta go with the Giants.
  • Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is 13-1 after bye weeks. Of course, that started out as 13-0. Although they’re facing a gimpy Peyton Manning, I’m very interested to see how the Chiefs respond to a top-tier quarterback, not a ninth-stringer.
  • Bills are pesky at home. Regardless, Jets head coach Rex Ryan is 7-2 against them.
  • Are the Panthers for real? They’re much better than in past seasons, thanks to their defense. If they beat Tom Brady after the bye week, then no one can deny them.
  • Can the 49ers score with the Saints at the Superdome? Can’t pick against New Orleans when they’re playing at home.

Straight Picks Record (Last Week): 7-7
Spread Picks Record (Last Week): 5-8
Straight Picks Record (Overall): 91-56
Spread Picks Record (Overall): 65-76
Titans Picks (Last Week): INCORRECT
Titans Picks Record (Overall): 6-3


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