Pete Prisco NFL Predictions for Tennessee Titans: 7-9, Lose to Arizona Cardinals

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Jul 26, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter (15) catches a pass during training camp as wide receives coach Shawn Jefferson looks on at Saint Thomas Sports Park. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This demonstrates the problem with making predictions on such a huge sample. Notice how Prisco doesn’t have any scores in the 30s or higher? In each of these 16 games, the Titans scored between 10-27 points. Their opponents scored between 7-28 points.

Look at all of those 17s, 20s and 24s. Only two games don’t include at least one of those scores (Titans 16 Jets 7, Seahawks 27, Titans 14). From Week 10-12, the Titans win all of their games with scores of 20-17 or 21-17. For those who are unaware, these are some of the main scores that are used in predictions because of their re-occurrence (17 is two touchdowns and a field goal. 20 is two touchdowns and two field goals. 24 is three touchdowns and a field goal).

Fun—but unrealistic.

What do our readers think? Did you enjoy Prisco’s NFL predictions? Do you enjoy reading/writing predictions throughout the season? If so, why?

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