NFL Power Rankings: After Week 5/ Al Davis Edition

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Davis at his NFL Hall of Fame Induction, via Pro Football Hof

This week’s MVP award for the league goes out to former Raiders owner Al Davis, who passed away in the last week. Did you know that the Raiders won with an interception on the last play against the Texans? Did you also know they only had 10 men on the field….eery. If you’d like to more about Davis, click here. He remains one of the reasons the NFL grew into what it is now.

In regards to the rankings, well, I’ve invented my own version of the NCAA’s BCS system. It’s called the “Brandon Clark Standings”. Enjoy! Last weeks ranking in parentheses.

Teams With Bye Weeks: Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Redskins, and Rams

(1) 1. Green Bay Packers (5-0)

The win over Atlanta on primetime football ranks as their best effort this season. Isn’t that scary? Atlanta’s offense walked all over the Packers at the beginning of the game, while the Falcons D stuffed the Packers. Things changed in the second half, despite Rodgers playing without his top-two offensive tackles.

(2) 2. New Orleans Saints (4-1)

I’m not going to say they need to go back to the drawing board, but they did only beat the Panthers by 3. Someone, besides Roman Harper, has some explaining to do.

(3) 3. New England Patriots (4-1)

A very decisive win over the jets. The fun part sits in the performance of their run game. The Patriot just wanted to show that they aren’t a finesse team only, they literally out-muscled the Jets–one of the toughest teams in football.

(4) 4. Detriot Lions (5-0)

I would move them up but no team above here has any reason to drop. Great job vs Chicago on MNF, that was a very impressive win!. Maybe RB Jahvid Best comes out of his shell going forward.

(8) 5. Oakland Raiders (3-2)

R.I.P. Al Davis. The Raiduhs played great for ya on Sunday.

(6) 6. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

BYE Week.

(11) 7. San Francisco 49ers (4-1)

They absolutely crushed the Buc’s. I guess the BCS wasn’t crazy moving them up 14 spots last week.

(5) 8. Houston Texans (3-2)

Last week was close, losing on the last play. However, the Texans have a propensity to do this. Derrick Mason isn’t the answer.

(9) 9. Chicago Bears (2-3)

After at least 6 false starts which seemed to back-to-back, I gave up on Chicago. Their offensive tackles wouldn’t make it as reserves on some teams. However, Jay Cutler made some of the most amazing throws while under duress that I have ever seen. They lost to a better team.

(15) 10. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)

What a turnaround!

(10) 11. Tennessee Titans (3-2)

Ouch! Let’s calm down though, everyone has a bad week.

(13) 12. San Diego Chargers (4-1)

They need to be careful at the end of  “sure-wins” moving forward.

(16) 13. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)

Andy “Clutch Cassidy” Dalton seems to make the right plays at the right time. I can’t say that this team would be better with Palmer. In fact, I doubt it.

Yes, I just made that nickname up. I’m diggin it.

(17) 14. Buffalo Bills (4-1)

They beat the also overrated Eagles. Let’s hope they prove their legit, but it’s alright if they don’t. The top teams are dropping like flies, while teams like the niners and Raiders take advantage.

(7) 15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)

In the real BCS, when you get embarrassed by a team thought to be your equal then you drop. The same applies here.

(14) 16. Atlanta Falcons (2-3)

Here’s what GM Thomas Dimitrof didn’t wanna hear this season: They’re just not as good as Green Bay.

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