Michael Vick's Quotes And Why The Eagles are 1-3

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I want to start by saying that the Eagles were my Super Bowl pick fro 2011 before this past Super Bowl even happened. The looked great and seemed as if they could only get better. Then they added Howard Mudd to fix their offensive line (just forgot to add talent there). Then they added Jim Washburn (former Titans defensive line coach who everyone connected to the Titans knows that Washburn remains one of the best in the league). Then they got Jason Babin and all the other free agents. They trade Kolb for more picks as well as Rodgers-Cromartie. It looked great, and Im not saying their season is lost by any means. I’m just saying they messed up. They messed up bad.

The Eagles moved their offensive line coach, Juan Castillo, to defensive coordinator. You can read it twice, it’s accurate and makes as much sense as it sounds–you know, like a 12-year old playing Madden on a PSP while waiting for his mom to get off work. I’m honestly still caught off guard by this bonehead move. Even if he has defensive experience, Castillo worked their line for years. It disrupts continuity.

Speaking of continuity, the Eagles may have been better off keeping Stewart Bradley, as opposed to letting him go in Free Agency. Bradley, drafted in the third round of 2007 played as the middle linebacker for the Eagles. He had a few injuries but there was no question that the Eagles were better when Bradly played. I thought he was a top-15 MLB. At the least, Bradley weigh 258 pounds and really helped against the run. Now, the Eagles seem to rotate Casey Matthews (rookie MLB, Oregon) to every single linebacker spot to cover up that he’s not great at any of them. Matthews weighs 232 pounds and now has 3 starts under his belt with 14 tackles to show for it. Bradley only started one of the first four games for the Cardinals. Bradley has one more tackle than Matthews.

The last problem I have is the safety position. They let Quintin Mikel go in free agency. I thought Mikell, even though he was over 26 (that seems to be the Eagles cutting point unless you’re high-priced) still played at a great level, possibly elite. So, the Eagles let him go and then seem to force Nnamdi Asomugha to not play man and to play zone as a free safety type. That’s not using your personnel correctly. You remember when Norv Turner first started ignoring the run when LaDanian Tomlinson was easily the best running back in football? He turned to the pass with a young QB and they lost more than they should have? It’s kind of like that and it’s kind of like a 1-3 record when you could be 3-1.


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