Why Jake Locker Should Start His Rookie Season

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The Titans made the move to select Jake Locker 8th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. When a franchise makes a move like this, you don’t sit him for a year and tell the fans about potential. You show us.

What advantages do the Titans have in starting Locker his rookie season?

The first advantage to Locker starting his rookie season is that he is a natural fit for this team. Think about it? The most athletic quarterback in the last 5 drafts or so goes to the team with a 2,000 yard rusher. This is a dream fit.

Another advantage is his youth. No, I’m not picking at Kerry Collins, I’m just simply stating that Locker will be able to grow up with the rest of this team. Locker is 23, Britt is 22, and Chris Johnson is 25. The youth here create a trifecta that can own the AFC South for many seasons, they just need to develop together. Why delay that? Growing Locker with Kenny Britt resembles the way Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison to lean upon like a crutch during those clutch growing years.

Locker’s durability and toughness will provide many escape routes when plays break down for him. This doesn’t mean the receivers can’t get open or that the offensive line can’t block but merely that rookie QB’s do not always see the field and when Locker has a “rookie moment” and doesn’t see the field, he can run and run well. Better than Forrest Gump, I’d say.

Speaking of running ability, Jake Locker’s ability to run can only open the playbook more. When you have a statue quarterback like Kerry Collins or a quarterback that doesn’t run as often as he should like Vince Young then the running aspect from the quarterback position nearly becomes useless. Enter rookie QB Jake Locker. Locker opens this avenue in a way they haven’t had and really adds a dimension that defenses have to panic about in order to protect.

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  • hook4088

    You forgot one more advantage Locker is the best and most accurate passer outside of the pocket in the last 10 years.

    Don’t worry about any loss of confidence with Locker he has endured 4 years of being on a very poor team and is a
    tough competitor. He does not know the word quit.

    • http://titansized.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark


      Blake’s computer is down today but he said:

      Great point, sorry I forgot that. That should be the main way that he is used. A roll out on play action. They got the back to match it and make it work. Locker’s accuracy was outstanding rolling out

  • ustudio

    having a running qb means less men on chris, and if they stupid enough to still triple team chris it would mean
    plenty of running first downs for jake, as well as open receivers
    I think hes the best option we got, plus the new coach are going back to the 1 2 punch anyway so well mostly be
    running, also unless we get some one like mcnabb who is
    mobile then its pointless as the new qb has to get
    familiar with team, and players will have to get used to him as well

    • http://titansized.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

      Regardless, Locker will have to prove that they need to commit to pass defense

  • http://mywifemykidsmydogs.blogspot.com Que

    These sound more like reason he WILL end up starting. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea. He’s a rookie going into a bad “start-up” situation. I’m all for him getting his feet wet but not when there is a very high risk he will be getting his back wet too. I realize he can run. I realize he can scramble. Of course, that ability slows down in the pros as he will be chased by people who laugh and step on his 4.52. I think he will fit the system as you said. I think he will do well in the pros. But I have problem starting a rookie QB when the team is closer to the Browns than the Packers. And as far as matching him with Britt… We will have to wait and see how may weeks Britt can stay out of trouble first.

    • http://titansized.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

      i agree…he should sit

  • walker thomas

    The Titans gave in to the pressure of starting the high draft pick qb the last time and we see how that turned out.

    • http://titansized.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

      so did the colts in 1998

      but for every good one started, there are examples like Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer….who knows? It’s down to the individual and Locker shows signs that he could start now, but doesn’t every highly drafted QB? I’m thinking Joey Harrington and Akili Smith