With Eighth Pick of 2011 NFL Draft the Titans Select….

This article is a non article.  I just wanted to post something that would allow fans to discuss who they would like to see the Titans Draft and Why?  So many times we just write articles and tell everyone our knowledgeable opinion about what fans to expect but we never leave it open for much debate.  So here’s your chance, tell us what you think, Time for you the fan to be the Tennessee Titans Head Coach.

  • David

    Dear God, please let Blaine Gabbert fall to us. If not him, then either Patrick Peterson or Robert Quinn, depending on who’s available. I do NOT want Nick Fairley.

  • David

    Or we could trade back and snag a solid DE, CB or possibly even QB with mid 1st round pick. I don’t like the idea of taking Locker at #8.

  • http://www.titansized.com kent wilson

    Id have to say I like Locker at 8