Finnegan Leads the Way

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1. Cortland Finnegan

The more I talk with Cortland Finnegan and others from Father Ryan, the more I respect him.  Not only is he extremely active in the Nashville community, but as reported already, it was Finnegan that arranged these preseason workouts with Scott Reall and Father Ryan.  With a solid career as a platform and a new leadership void on the Titans, expect Finnegan to lead the way.

2. Craig Stevens

Stevens is another Titan that has attended the majority of the unofficial Titan workouts in the last month around the Nashville area.  Bo Scaife is unlikely to be resigned next season, leaving the primary tight end role between Stevens and Jared Cook Jr.  Cook may be the favorite athletically speaking, but fans and analysts should not sleep on the big man from California.

3. Titan’s Teamwork

Even the most casual observer can see how much these Titan players enjoy playing football with each other, and how seriously they take their craft.  There was a time when I thought  that no one liked to work out, but after watching these players the last couple of weeks, I am not so sure.  As a fan, it is refreshing to see these guys not taking their careers for granted.

4. The McCourty Twins

My expectations and hopefulness for Jason McCourty are rapidly increasing after seeing him train alongside his twin brother, Devin.  Devin had a huge rookie season for the New England Patriots and although some of that can be attributed to the defensive scheming of Bill Belichick, these brothers are talented athletes.  Try asking them who is better.  It is very entertaining.

5. Scott Reall at Art of Strength

Reall’s rapport with the Titan players is unmistakable.  At each of the workouts, he has managed to balance casual, professional, and challenging regimes that should substitute nicely in the dead time until the NFL Lockout is settled.  If you are in the market for a quality personal trainer check out Art of Strength in Franklin.

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