Lockout Fallout

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1. The Draft
This actually bites the Titans twice.  The Titans will not be able to barter with current players or future draft picks even if they are in a prime position to do so.  With the 8th overall pick, it is conceivable the Titans could trade down in the first round and still draft a good fit with good value or receive high future picks next season.  An opportunity that is impossible without a CBA.

2. New Coaching Staff
Around the league, experts recommended that NFL teams avoid making significant changes in this uncertain off-season.  But, with Jeff Fisher and owner Bud Adam’s relationship at an all-time low, the Titans had to reboot.  Now, they will be forced to break-in an entire staff without a preseason camp or training program.  Just bad timing.

3. Free Agency
Whether it is asking about Kevin Kolb and Carson Palmer, or shopping Vince Young, the lack of a CBA eliminates any resolution on these possibilities.  So the Titans will have to proceed and address the quarterback position in a draft class that is already thin.  Mike Reinfeldt and his staff will have to fight for progress with one-arm tied behind their back.

4. Fan Support
Granted this is a problem every NFL franchise could face following the bitter cold war between the NFL and NFLPA this off-season, but for middle market teams like the Titans, fan support is already a delicate balance.  Adams knows this better than anyone, leading him to release a damage-control assurance.  We are not impressed Mr. Adams.  Only a new CBA will do.

With the new soft deadline of April 6 rapidly approaching, a lot is at stake for the Titan franchise in a Minnesota Federal Court.  A favorable ruling for the players could be just the push the owners need to settle.  Then again, maybe not.

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