#6 - Sign Key Free Agents

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Carson Palmer (CIN) – If there was a CBA, Palmer would already be gone. A 3-year deal with bonus incentives and a fresh start should be more than enough to entice Palmer to consider Nashville (a tropical paradise compared to Cincinnati).

Marc Bulger (BAL) – Remember this guy? His inexpensive price tag and the Titan’s quality offensive line could be a match made in heaven.  Plus, it would be nice to steal a quality player away from the Baltimore Ravens, for once.

Tim Hightower (ARI) – Even if the new Titan coordinator is not planning to spread out the offense, Hightower is a versatile and physical runner that is accustomed to a utility role.  Chris Johnson needs some help in short yardage situations.  Not this.

David Thomas (NO) – A quality veteran with Super Bowl experience is just the ticket for a position the Titans will be shallow in for 2011.  Also, the Titans can offer more playing time than the New Orleans Saints substitution-based offensive scheme.

Dante Rosario (CAR) – The Carolina Panthers are terrible, right now.  This opens the door for a 6-10 Titan squad to feel like a huge upgrade.  Rosario had flashes of brilliance despite coping with the worst signal callers in each of the last 2 seasons.

Reggie Kelly (CIN) – This is kind of a 2-for-1 deal from the Cincinnati Bengals.  While courting Palmer, why not offer to bring along one of his less dramatic and familiar targets?  Kelly also has post season experience, something the Titans need.

Olin Kreutz (CHI) – Before hurrying to the conclusion, “He’s too old.”  Do not forget what happened last time, nor downplay what has happened since.  Kevin Mawae’s absence in leadership and experience was missed.  Kreutz could solve both.

Samson Satele (OAK) – If bringing in playoff ready veterans is not your cup of tea, Satele is your guy.  Darren McFadden found plenty of room behind the Oakland Raider offensive line and Satele was at the center of that success, literally.

Paul Poluszny (BUF) – If the price is right, Poluszny would be an interesting addition to the Titan linebacking corps.  The Buffalo Bills operated out of a 3-4 defense with Poluszny playing a middle linebacker.  He could be a great transitional player.

Barrett Ruud (TB) – Ruud is another interesting option for the Titans to consider. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers employ the Tampa 2 (variation of the 4-3) defense.  His asking price could also be inexpensive coming off a bad statistical season.

Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK) – Why would he come to Nashville? Easy. Make him an offer he cannot refuse.  Unlike the Randy Moss fiasco, Asomugha is the best at his position right now.  Opposite Finnegan, he this pass defense would be elite.

Melvin Bullitt (IND) Over the years, Bullitt has started more games than Bob Sanders for the Indianapolis Colts.  He is capable, quick, and accustomed to providing run support from the safety position.  Plus, it is always nice to steal away a Colt.

Haruki Nakamura (BAL) The Titans need another quick, hard-hitting safety opposite Michael Griffin.  Why not consider a free agent from the Baltimore Ravens?  Besides, Nakamura could always be an ace special-teamer if it did not pan out.

If there is no CBA before the draft in April, the Titans are one of many teams that stand to benefit from a late free agency in the summer.  Even if the Titans choose to not treat this offseason like a rebuilding project, this summer offers a unique opportunity to leverage the work stoppage to their advantage.

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