#2 - Move Beyond the VY Era

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Timeline and Comparison

Early 2006 – Titans draft Vince Young 3rd overall

Late 2006 – Titans bench Kerry Collins for VY (VY finishes season 8-5, as starter)

2007 – VY leads Titans to playoffs (VY finishes season 9-6 record, as starter)

2008 – Titans bench VY for Collins, Collins leads Titans to playoffs (finishes season 12-3, as starter)

2009 – Titans bench Collins for VY (VY finishes season 8-2, as starter)

2010 – Titans bench VY for Collins (Collins finishes season 2-5, as starter)

It is difficult to say who was better as the starting quarterback.  Collins athletic skills in recent years are diminishing, but VY’s recognition skills never blossomed.  Each QB led the Titans to the playoffs, but neither were able to win their only playoff appearance.

This is hardly a resounding endorsement for Young’s potential as a franchise quarterback in the NFL.  We wish him well, but his inability to capture the starting job, stay out of trouble off the field, and lead the Titans to a playoff win are the primary factors he will not be a Titan next season.

Titan Talk About VY

Bud Adams: “It’s time to let Vince Young go and find this franchise’s next new quarterback.” (courtesy of Teresa Walker)

Mike Munchak: “I think Vince, obviously, has already been dealt with, and I’d probably leave it at that.” (courtesy of Titansonline.com)

Chris Johnson: (on being told about VY) “That’s crazy.  That’s something I would have never expected. When you looked at his on-field play, he produced. He produced a lot of wins.”  (ESPN)

Vince Young: “Everything was my fault. But that’s over now. I wish coach Fisher [irony added] and Bud Adams and all my coaches and teammates best.”  (Houston Chronicle)

The divorce ended better than expected.  I think the firing of Fisher defused Young’s animosity and destroyed any theories that Adams chose Fisher over Young.  Moving out of the Fisher era overshadowed the Titans moving out of the VY era.  And this is a very good thing.

What’s Next?

The Titan organization is giving no clear indication on who the next quarterback will be in 2011.

Kerry Collins? Doubtful, but his willingness to stay in Nashville and familiarity leaves the door open.

Rusty Smith? Maybe, rumors of an amazing work ethic swirl around Baptist Sports Park.  Nah.

Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer? If the Titans know, they are not telling.

The hiring of new offensive coordinator Chris Palmer indicates the Titans are planning to develop a young quarterback.  Whether it is Rusty Smith or a draft pick remains to be seen.  This strategy mandates bringing in a veteran to watch over the offense until the future of the franchise is ready.

This separation could have been much, much worse.  Titan fans should breath a deep sigh of relief and prepare their hearts for the new face of the franchise.  Whoever that may be…

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