Shades of Gray

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Adam Schefter weighs in on the Titans newest coach
The Titans announced that Chris Palmer will be the Offensive Coordinator next season and Schefter likes the hire.  Why does Schefter’s opinion matter?  His experience with the Super Bowl winning Denver Bronco teams of the 90s and observations of day-to-day activities in the NFL qualify him to be an expert.  Titan fans should be relieved, especially given the alternatives.

Paul Kuharsky shared Mike Munchak’s thought process
With Munchak seemingly fixed on hiring offensive line coaches to fill every offensive coach position, it is nice to see the new head coach thinking about rounding out the offensive staff at the top.  Palmer is 61 years old, and has experience as a head coach and offensive coordinator.

John Glennon has tons to say about new OC Chris Palmer
Palmer was a head coach with the Cleveland Browns, an offensive coordinator with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and is coming from a head coaching position with a UFL team, Hartford.  With 20 years of experience and stints coaching Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and David Carr, Palmer has the requisite experience to come and clean up the mess.

Glennon also shares some more about new DC Jerry Gray
“We’ve got to get close plays, Titans didn’t last year,” says Gray.  Watching nearly every Titan game since their coming to Tennessee, this is something I like to call the Fisher-Sequence.  Unfortunately for the Titans, not getting these close plays cost them entire games.  Hopefully, the Titan offense can assist Gray and the defense to have a little more margin for error.

Titan corner Ryan Mouton voices his support
First off, the Tennessee Titan players are remarkable twitter users.  And 3rd year veteran Ryan Mouton is one of my favorite to follow.  In a short and sweet tweet, Mouton simply shared, “With age comes wisdom.”  Well said.  Titan fans would do well to consider this, especially since the nemesis Indianapolis Colts employ an equally wise offensive coordinator / advisor.

At the very least, the primary Titan coaching staff positions are now filled and the Titans are ready to hit the war room to plan for free agency and the draft (regardless of what order they come).  Either way the Titans organization will have a new look, feel, and approach from the sideline for the first time in nearly 20 years.  There is no room for shadows from the past.

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