Titan Sized Tweets: Munchak-Mania

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Jim Wyatt tweeted about Mike Munchak’s possible first hire
According to Wyatt, Munchak will try and lure Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews away from the Houston Texans.  It goes without saying that this would be a huge boost to the Titan coaching staff. Hopefully, this is a sign of the Titans organization heading in the right direction.  Only time, or a playoff berth in the next 3 years, will tell.

Music City Miracles shared Alterraun Verner’s opinion of the new coach
This is hardly a ringing endorsement, but it speaks more than absolute silence on the matter.  It may be a lot to expect, but what is more important are the opinions of the Titan offensive linemen.  Eugene Amano, Jake Scott, Michael Roos, Leroy Harris, and David Stewart, what do you guys think of the guy that has coached you for the last 3-5 years?

Jim Wogan weighed in on the new and the old Titan coaches
This is a popular sentiment among the media that seemed to know and cover Jeff Fisher during his 17 year tenure in Nashville.  This is either a bad omen or Fisher’s buddies sticking up their friend.  Personally, I doubt Fisher coaches next year and counting the Titans out of playoff contention already is premature.

Paul Kuharsky asked Jim Schwartz what he thought of Mike Munchak
The good news is this, everyone that knows Munchak seems to appreciate his personal drive and ability to understand the game.  Is he the next Bill Belichick?  Maybe not.  But, Titan fans could settle for the next Jim Schwartz.  The bad news?  What if he is the next Eric Mangini?

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