Titan Sized Report: Green Bay Packers Offense

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Offensive Line – B

The Pack offensive line is solid. The problem is, they will need to be impenetrable to slow down the Black and Yellow. The key lies in the Packer tackles (just saying that five times fast), Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulaga. If they can slow James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley coming off the edges, Rodgers will capitalize.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – A-

The Pack receiving corps is as talented as they come in the NFL. Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and James Jones are the perfect combination of speed, clutch-catching, and physicality. It is scary to think how much better this group would be with Jermichael Finley. Still, the Steelers will have to play disciplined coverage or risk huge plays.

Running Backs – C+

James Starks is quite possibly the future for the Packers at running back, but a quality rushing attack is a combination of runner and offensive line. His limited experience mixed with the potential for the Pack to abandon the run at some point in this game, lead me to believe his contributions will be limited to inside the 20.

Quarterback – A

Aaron Rodgers came back to earth in the NFC Championship Game vs. the Chicago Bears.  But do not celebrate just yet, Steeler nation.  Rodgers’ ability to escape outside pressure is what led to the whipping in the Georgia Dome 3 weeks ago.  The Steelers have to collapse the pocket from the inside or they too will receive the wrath of Rodgers’ belt.

Titan Sized Player to Watch:

Scott Wells (Center) –

This is not a sexy match-up to watch, but Wells’ success or failure against Casey Hampton will be very important in both the Packer’s passing and running game.  If the Pack cannot establish the run or Wells’ constantly requires double-team assistance, Brett Keisel and Ziggy Hood will have one-on-one match-ups that could make it easier to disrupt the pocket and Rodger’s flow.

Overall Offense Grade – B

When the Packer offense and Steeler defense are on the field is where this Super Bowl will ultimately be won or lost.  Whichever unit prevails will put their team in the driver seat to dictate the pace and style of the game.  And the Packers do not want this game to be close in the 4th quarter if they want to win.

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