Titan Sized Report: Pittsburgh Steelers Offense

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Offensive Line – B-

Pittsburgh does not have a lot of star power on their offensive line, and arguably their best offensive lineman may not be available. Still, this Steeler unit will no doubt try to duplicate its dominance from the AFC Championship game. Dom Capers, like Rex Ryan, can only call the defense. Not play it.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – B

Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, and Emmanuel Sanders are more than enough weapons for Big Ben to exploit the Packers on Sunday night. The Green Bay secondary is as good as it gets in the NFL, but Wallace and Antonio Brown’s speed are hard to match across the field.

Running Backs – B+

Rashard Mendenhall’s contributions will be most critical in short yardage situations. Touchdown runs on 3rd down with little or no hole and breaking out on a 4th and inches for a 50-yard gain are his speciality. The Baltimore Ravens did the best they could, and still Mendenhall found a way.

Quarterback – A

If Big Ben pulls off this win, he will notch his 3rd Super Bowl championship and tie for the lead among active quarterbacks with this guy. The Packers have to do more than pressure Big Ben. They have to bury him physically and mentally with sacks and turnovers. Or he will find a way to win.

Titan Sized Player to Watch:

Mike Wallace (Wide Receiver) –

Two years ago, Santonio Holmes made a name for himself with an amazing Super Bowl performance and quite possibly the best game-winning catch in NFL history. Wallace has been eerily quiet this post season. Meaning he is either going to completely disappear when the Steelers need him most, or show the world what he is capable of on the biggest stage imaginable.

Overall Offense Grade – B

The Steelers’ offense may not be the most potent, but they can and will score points, especially off turnovers or late in the game. If the Packers leave this game up to stopping Big Ben in a final drive, I do not like their chances of hoisting the Lomardi Trophy when it is all said and done.

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