Titan Sized Report: Can't Beat 'Em? Hire 'Em!

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Here are some assistant coaches from the Super Bowl teams’ coaching staffs that the Titans should consider for their overall contributions to their current teams’ success.

Green Bay Packer Assistant Coaches

Tom Clements – Quarterbacks
Aaron Rodgers is a big reason the Packers have made it this far. And Clements is the guy standing behind, guiding, and preparing Rodgers each week. Not only has he helped Rodgers become an NFL phenom, but other quarterbacks (Brett Favre, Tommy Maddox, Kelly Holcomb, Rick Mirer) had career years and several Pro Bowl selections under him. If the Titans draft a franchise quarterback, this is the guy they want standing behind him.

Jimmy Robinson – Wide Receivers
Another reason for the Packers and Rodger’s success is a talented and dynamic receiving group. Here is sampling of some of the receivers that Robinson has coached in his 20 years in the NFL: Andre Rison, Marvin Harrison, Joe Horn, Amani Toomer and Donté Stallworth. Besides that impressive resume, the Green Bay Wide Receiver coach position has launched the careers of head coaches like Don Hutson, Jon Gruden, and Tom Coughlin. Wonder how he interviews?

Dom Capers – Defensive Coordinator
Capers has already been a head coach twice in the NFL (Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans), but each of those situations were with expansion teams trying to become competitive.  Capers is running one of the best 3-4 defense in the NFL right now, despite mounting injuries and young talent. The only way he does not interview with the Titans is, he refuses to get on a plane and be wined-and-dined by Bud Adams and Mike Reinfeldt.

Winston Moss – Assistant Coach / Inside Linebackers
Moss is an ideal candidate to interview for the Titans. McCarthy promoted Moss because of how impressed he was with his leadership qualities. Also, he is a former NFL player, like Jeff Fisher before him, and he currently specializes in one of the Titan’s greatest areas of needed improvement, linebackers. He is my personal favorite of the Green Bay candidates.

Pittsburgh Steeler Assistant Coaches

Dick LeBeau – Defensive Coordinator
Although it is extremely unlikely that LeBeau would be interested in moving to a location like Nashville, Tennessee at this late stage in his career, how do you not pick up the phone and at least attempt this interview. Mike Tomlin most impressed me by recognizing that replacing this defensive coordinator would be impossible. Other than Dom Capers, is the most coveted DC in the NFL right now and rightfully so, have you seen the Steelers defense play lately?

John Mitchell – Assistant Coach / Defensive Line
Replacing Jim Washburn
is impossible, but Mitchell is no slouch in his ability to develop defensive fronts every single year for almost 20 seasons. Paired with his experience, Mitchell has become an assistant coach to Mike Tomlin during his tenure in Pittsburgh. Like it or not, the Steelers have cornered the market in hard-nosed players and coaches. Why not interview Mitchell to see if he could bring that attitude to LP Field?

There are plenty of other assistant coaches, out-of-work coaches, and Titan assistants that are deserving.  But, why ignore the success that is right in front of us all?  Besides, the Titans need to take this interview process slowly to avoid hiring a dud that could set them back for years.

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