Titan Sized Tweets: Gone Fishing

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Told You So
Unfortunately, this was inevitable after such a disappointing end to the 2010 season. As easy it will be to blame Jeff Fisher, Chuck Cecil, or Vince Young, none are ultimately responsible for the collapse of this team. Lack of depth and leadership sunk this team like so many Titan squads before it.

Irrelevant Rumors…
John Clayton
of ESPN (courtesy of Paul Kuharsky AFC South blogger for ESPN) alleges that Fisher tried to promote his son in the staff and the Titan front office’s refusal was the final straw in an already fragile situation. Even if this rumor is true, which is possible, it makes no difference (see above).

Potential Suitors…
Jim Wyatt
believes the early front runner for the vacant head coaching spot is none other than Titan offensive line coach, Mike Munchak. With all due respect to Coach Munchak, who has done a remarkable job with players like Michael Roos and David Stewart, the Titans need a fresh start (would love to be wrong about this).

Vince Young staying…
Bud Adams is just cheap enough to try and make this last until VY’s contract runs its course. But you heard it here first, this would be a disaster. VY has already been shunned by the Titans and bringing him back into this mess would only further distance him from Titan fans and more important, those in the front office.  It may be time for another letter.

Good Move…
This was the best move for the Titans organization and for Jeff Fisher. Replacing defense coordinators like Greg Williams, Mike Nolan, and Jim Schwartz every few years finally caught up with him. Good luck, Fish. Enjoy next year on us, you earned it.  Hopefully, the Titan front office will find another diamond in the rough.

Any way you write it, this is a sad day for Titan faithful. Buckle up, boys and girls, the rebuilding years are officially underway.

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