Titan Sized Takes: Worst 5 Moments

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1. The Meltdown
Vince Young began the season with the starting job and one last shot to prove himself worthy to be the franchise quarterback. Despite a rocky game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, VY looked to be on the right track. Then this happened. Followed by this. And VY simply fell apart.

2. Vince Young vs. Jeff Fisher
After the injury and subsequent meltdown, Fisher had more than enough to remove VY from his starting spot. The situation escalated in the offseason, culminating in Bud Adams being forced to decide between his former first round pick and long-tenured coach. Advantage Fisher.

3. Kenny Britt’s injury
Unfortunately, the Titans lost Kerry Collins, Kenny Britt, and Vince Young in a span of 3 weeks. In that time, the Titans lost 3 straight games and the season spiraled out of control. Without Britt, the Titan offense is far worse off than it is without VY or Collins. Fact.

4. Losing Jim Washburn
Carlos Hall. Albert Haynesworth. Kyle Vanden Bosch. Jason Babin. This is just a sample of the players that have delivered huge seasons with Titans, while failing to do so anywhere else. This one will hurt, unless the Titans land a huge name to replace Chuck Cecil.

5. Losing to the Denver Broncos
The shutout to the Houston Texans was unavoidable without a quarterback. And the 6-game losing streak is eerily the same span the Titans were without Kenny Britt. But, losing at home to a team that only managed 2 more wins in their last 12 games is inexcusable. Come on, man!

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