Titan Sized Takes: Best 5 Moments

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1. The 27-point 4th quarter
This was a significant moment for the Titans and for rising star, Kenny Britt. This is the moment it was clear that Britt was the true source of an explosive offense. It was Britt’s absence not VY’s, the Titans were lacking in freeing up Chris Johnson. And the future looks Britt.

2. CJ2K’s encore performance
Of the 6 NFL running backs to run for 2000 yards in a single season, only Barry Sanders finished the following season with more rushing yards than CJ. What does that mean? It means that CJ is far more of a flash on the field, than flash in a pan. Look out NFL, CJ2K is here to stay.

3. The 30-3 beatdown on Monday Night Football
The same Jacksonville Jaguar team that controlled its playoff destiny with 3 weeks left in the season, was the recipient of this public humiliation. At home. The playoffs were closer than anyone will ever remember. By the way, this was another huge win without VY.

4. Marc Mariani’s touchdown kickoff return
The 7th round rookie from Montana had several huge returns in the 2010 season. Bringing hope that the Titans have found more than another diamond in the rough (an inexpensive, utilitarian, ace, special-teamer to replace an aging Donnie Nickey on the Titan roster).

5. Breaking the Cowboys’ spirit in Football Mecca
Okay, so this team was not your daddy’s Dallas Cowboys. But, take this game into perspective. If the Cowboys beat the Titans, they take a 2-game winning streak into Minnesota. And the Minnesota Vikings were the last team to face the Cowboys with Tony Romo under center.

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