Titan Sized Watch: Crunch Time

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Cortland Finnegan (CB) STAYING

Finnegan had too many tackles (100) and too few interceptions (2) or pass deflections (9). Still, he is a consistent and feisty corner that needs to be re-signed following next season. He is also a outstanding contributor to the Nashville community, a fact Titan fans should not take for granted.

Alterraun Verner (CB) – STAYING

The rookie from UCLA turned in a fantastic first season and will be a welcomed ball-hawk to a struggling Titan secondary. Verner is already back at UCLA and back to school to finish his degree. Verner also shares his perspectives on Music City Miracles. He should stay a Titan for a long time.

Michael Griffin (FS)STAYING

Griffin’s bounce back season is a welcomed sight from this lost season. On more than one occasion Griffin tipped away, intercepted, or knocked the ball loose on critical passing plays. Entering a contract season, I expect more premiere performances from this Pro Bowler. Hook ‘em Griff!

Chris Hope (SS) – GOING

There is no question that Hope is a leader and experienced presence in a very young Titan secondary. However, his diminishing speed left him out of position too often this season. When teams needed a long 3rd down conversion, they targeted Hope. Robert Johnson will get his shot.

Jason McCourty (CB) – STAYING

Another pleasant surprise from a terrible season. McCourty actually started the season as the #2 cornerback, only losing his spot because of injury and excellent play from Verner. He found a regular spot in the nickel package and did well enough to dislodge Vincent Fuller from the role.

Rod Hood (CB) – GOING

Hood’s season started poorly and only got worse. Landing on injured reserved is tough enough, but then watching newcomer Verner and 2nd year corner McCourty progress and battle their way to more playing time will mean that Hood will find himself looking for a new team next season.

Vincent Fuller (FS) – STAYING

Fuller will stay around at least another year because of his contract and contributions from the last few seasons. He is also one of the most underrated nickel corners in the NFL. Who better to teach the craft of coverage to the young up-and-coming Verner, McCourty, and Mouton?

Ryan Mouton (CB) – STAYING

Mouton was supposed to be a return specialist first, and a corner second. However, with the arrival of Marc Mariani and Alterraun Verner, Mouton faces an uphill battle to make the active roster from this point forward. He has plenty of potential and deserves time to prove it.

Robert Johnson (S) – STAYING

Johnson is the heir to Chris Hope, but this offseason did little to demonstrate he was ready to be thrown into the fire of NFL deep coverage. The Titans have 3 options going forward: retain Hope, promote Johnson, or draft a new challenger. Johnson needs to make an impression, fast.

Donnie Nickey (SS) – GOING

Jeff Fisher has long been an advocate for retaining utility veterans like Nickey. But with Fisher’s tenure in question and the Titan secondary in dire need of an overhaul, it is unlikely that Nickey will be able to retain his spot without a long-term deal in place.

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