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Titan Sized Watch: Up and Down

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Stephen Tulloch (MLB) STAYING

Tulloch’s tenure as a Titan is unpredictable. The Titans could resign him and his holdout last offseason and eventual signing show that he is willing to stay a Titan. But, the price the Titans are offering is too low for his tastes. The Titans might draft their solution to this dilemma.

Will Witherspoon (OLB) – STAYING

Spoon’s season started with a bang and ended in a fizzle. Although, he is an incredible pass rusher and run stopper, he is also a liability in pass coverage. Not good news in a division with talented passers. But, this was his first year as a Titan and there is plenty of upside for him next season.

Gerald McRath (OLB)STAYING

His suspension to start the season is alarming given how the season ended. Shawne Merriman and Brian Cushing looked average following their returns from the land of raging hormones, hopefully the same will not be true for McGrath. And he will get another season to prove himself.

David Thornton (OLB) – GOING

Thornton’s inability to get activated was probably more a cost-cutting move for the Titans, as I am sure it kept several contract incentives from paying out. However, it is also the silence of Thornton’s final days as a Titan. He turns 33 next season and the Titans will not pay his asking price.

Rennie Curran (OLB) – STAYING

So far, so good for the little engine that could. Curran looked good this season in the limited action he saw on special teams and in a pinch. His drive and motivation to improve next season is cause for hope that he will find a place to contribute for seasons to come for the powdered blue.

Patrick Bailey (OLB / SPTM) – STAYING

This special team ace is a welcomed addition to the Titan’s struggling unit from last season. At 6’4″, Bailey is also the biggest linebacker on the roster heading into next season. He is a real asset and quality depth player the Titans stole from the Chicago Bears and they need to keep him around.


Shaw is another bargain, basement, ex-Bear special team expert that the Titans heavily relied upon this season to cover punts and kickoffs. Although, he did spend some time playing in short yardage scenarios for the Titans, his real value will be as another coverage specialist.

Colin Allred (OLB) – GOING

With the Titans adding Curran, Bailey, and Shaw it is unlikely the Titans will continue to retain the services of Allred. His increasing cost and “undisclosed” injured reserve status are cause for concern. If the Titans draft any linebackers this April (highly likely), it is hard to see him staying.

Jamie Winborn (OLB) – GOING

Winborn is a seasoned veteran and a Nashville native, so it is not outside the realm of possibility that he will get another chance with the Titans. But, his increasing age and undersized frame (something the Titans already have too much of in their linebackers) are not favorable for staying.

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