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Michael Roos (LT) STAYING

At times this season, Roos looked like the Pro Bowl tackle that anchors this Titan line.  Other times, Roos looked lost or over matched against familiar foes.  Hopefully, this is an aberration because of the flux at the quarterback position.  I think so.

Leroy Harris (LG) – STAYING

Harris’ first season as the starting left guard was okay.  He is young (26) and despite his time in the league, there is still a learning curve to becoming the starter.  His expiring contract complicates things, because the Titans really need another year of work before offering a long-term deal.

Eugene Amano (C)STAYING

I have not been a huge fan of Amano, but that was in another life when he played guard.  At center, the Titans could do a lot worse minus a lot more.  The Titans lost a real leader and big nasty at the point of attack in Kevin Mawae.  Again let’s see this line together for one more year.

Jake Scott (RG) – STAYING

Chris Johnson’s dwindling stats and increase in carries-for-a-loss heighten the scrutiny Harris, Amano, and Scott should receive in the off season.  The increase in penalties (holding and false starts, in particular) from the interior three should dissolve now that this unit has gelled.

David Stewart (RT) – STAYING

Stewart is the only Titan offensive lineman that did not have a serious drop off in play.  The Titans allowed 27 sacks (7th fewest) this season, 12 more sacks than 2009, and 15 more sacks than 2008.  Whether it’s chemistry or individual decline, this offensive line needs a bounce back season.

Fernando Velasco (C) – STAYING

The Titan’s new “Leroy Harris” is a gifted, flexible, and inexpensive depth player.  In spot-duty, he demonstrated enough ability to merit keeping him around.  Just in case.  Velasco also showed flashes of brilliance, getting downfield to pave the way for CJ2K.

Troy Kropog (LT) – STAYING

Kropog bounced on and off the Titan roster, an unfortunate side effect of having 7 wide receivers on the roster.  Because the Titans have so many glaring needs on defense, Kropog will likely not be challenged by any rookie prospects higher than a 5th-round pick.  Advantage Kropog.

Mike Otto (RT) – STAYING

Like Kropog, Otto finds himself behind Roos and Stewart.  Two young, talented, durable linemen that have plenty of promising career in front of them.  If the Titans draft an offensive lineman early, Otto would be tops on the list to move from the active roster to the practice squad.

Kevin Matthews (C) – GOING

Son of NFL and Oiler / Titan great Bruce Matthews is just good enough to stick around the practice squad and flirt with the active roster.  There is little chance that the Titans will have the space on the 53-man roster for Matthews.

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