Titan Sized Watch: Let the Search Begin

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Vince Young (QB) GOING

Duh. The only question left to answer is, will he be traded or released in February? With Andrew Luck staying in at Stanford, VY’s trade value just skyrocketed. My guess is a 4th round pick from the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, or Miami Dolphins.

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Kerry Collins (QB) – STAYING

Collins will be a free agent in March. And unless the Titans have no prospects on the horizon (Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, or Donovan McNabb), Collins will have to decide if he wants to be a back-up and take a serious pay-cut.  Given his desire to make Nashville his home, this seems like a recipe for retaining his services.

Rusty Smith (QB)STAYING

He has a big arm, so he will be around for at least next year.  But, another campaign without significant progression or a regime change next season will be too much to overcome for someone with his limited resume.  Unfortunately, the Titans do not have any recent success of coaching up undeveloped quarterbacks.

Chris Simms (QB) – GOING

Simms will be the odd man out.  Even if the Titans go with Collins, Jeff Fisher is just stingy enough to enter the 2011 season with only 2 active quarterbacks on the roster.  Only a complete lack of progression from Rusty Smith gives Simms any hope of staying.

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