Titan Sized Tweets: Too Close to Call

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Jim Wyatt tweeted that Jeff Fisher might be staying and Vince Young might be going.
This goes against evidence that seems to scream the contrary.  But.  Wyatt may be right, if Fisher was out of the race for Titan owner Bud Adams’ heart, the press conference would have been completely different this afternoon.  What could happen?

1. Bud chooses Fisher
Pro: Locker room morale takes an initial hit but in the long haul would pave the way for a united, young, and talented bunch.
Con: Can they trade or release Vince Young?  And how would that affect the locker room.

2. Bud chooses VY
Pro: The Titans have their quarterback solution for next year and maybe more.  Locker room morale would receive a boost.
Con: This is not the best time to be looking for a head coach.  The market is either unproven or out of Bud’s price range.

3. Bud tries to force reconciliation
Pro: See Bud chooses VY
Con: Fisher will inevitably receive an offer better than this prospect and leave.  VY may take offense to this lack of backing.

Regardless, the Titans need to resolve this quickly and begin preparing for next season and the draft.

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