Titan Sized Takes: Farewell Fisher

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1. The Jeff Fisher era is over. I have been an advocate for Jeff Fisher every year, including this year.  It is for that reason this admission is as difficult to write as it will be to read.  But, the Fisher era in Tennessee ended with the fledgling playoff hopes the Titans killed.  The Chief’s coaching staff humiliated our coaches on both sides of the ball all afternoon.  What a shame.

2. Vince Young will get another chance. With Fisher out of the way, Titan owner Bud Adams will no doubt install a coach willing to work with his mercurial franchise quarterback.  This could make for an interesting off-season and mixed expectations heading into the 2011 season.  Either way, Fisher’s demise gives VY yet another chance to deliver or disappoint in Nashville.

3. Scott Pioli is a wizard. Boy was I wrong.  This is not the Chiefs squad that the Titans beatdown 2 years ago, but instead has all the makings of a certain AFC East team.  Not only did they draft half their skill players in the off-season, but they slayed the AFC West dragon ousting the San Diego Chargers from a spot they have held 5 of the last 7 years.  Well done, Mr. Pioli.

4. The Titans need a good draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans are both preparing for reboots of their entire systems and the Indianapolis Colts have never looked so vulnerable.  Even with a coaching change, the Titans have the young skill players in place to make a play for a weakened AFC South next year.  But, they need 2-3 more players in the draft.

5. The Titans will lose in Indianapolis to the Colts. Peyton Manning smells another division title and I do not expect the Titans to put up much of a fight.  If Jeff Fisher has checked out, and I believe he has, then the Titans will only have about 2 good quarters of play in them.  Do not expect Manning and company to leave their playoff chances in the hands of the Texans.

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