Fisher Sequence: Out of Reach

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Fisher Sequence of the Week

The Titans found themselves down 7-0 after a ruthless 7-play, 69-yard touchdown drive that took less than 4 minutes off the clock.  Fisher-teams-of-old would not have panicked, but things have changed.  And the Titan offense was given the green light to try and convert a 4th down on the opening drive, instead of calling on Rob Bironas to reduce the early lead.

The Titan opening drive started solid, especially considering the circumstances (away game, clinching game for opposing team, down a touchdown).  Kerry Collins converted 2 separate 3rd-and-longs to move the ball into Chief territory.  First down was an average Chris Johnson carry that put the Titans in a 2nd-and-5 scenario that easily should have been converted.

Jared Cook’s drop on second down is inexcusable.  Honestly, he is already far too similar to Bo Scaife for comfort.

On 3rd-and-5 the Titans did not run, but again elected to pass (sigh), ultimately resulting in a sack.  Why not run the ball if there is any question that going for it on 4th down is a possibility?  Throwing to Justin Gage on fourth down panned out last week, unfortunately Gage is not a premiere receiver and cannot be counted on for this exact reason.  His drop ended the drive.

The Titan defense again had no answer for a Chief offense that remade itself to exploit the weaknesses of this leaderless group.  Just like that the Titans were down 14-0 and this game was out of reach only 8 minutes into the match.  Just like last week, only this time the Titans were on the receiving end.

FINAL: Titans 14 – Chiefs 34

The Jeff Fisher Era is over and things do not look good for the Titans at the moment.  Expect critics to circle the Titans after they drop the last game to the Indianapolis Colts next week, but fear not Titan faithful.  Losing Keith Bulluck, Kevin Mawae, and Kyle Vanden Bosch was just too much for this young squad to overcome.  I expect new leaders to rise from the ashes of this season and create a new circle of veteran leadership.

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