Titan Sized Takes: Leap of Faith

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1. The Titans 2010 season is STILL over… I think. So maybe the Titan season is still alive for another week.  But they still have absolutely no control over their own destiny… yet.  If the Jacksonville Jaguars lose next week and the Titans handle their business in Kansas City, the tables will be set for a winner take-all battle versus Peyton Manning and the Colts.

2. I told you soI do not understand why we are subjected to talk about the ascension of the Texans.  They are a mediocre team and a perennially, underachieving franchise.  Youth, mounting injuries, and a “hangover” are the excuses of losing franchises.  Mark my words, the Texans will be overhyped next year, despite making few adjustments to an average team.

3. The Young and the Restless. Sunday offered an interesting development in the shape of the Titan coaching staff deactivating a healthy Bo Scaife.  The same Bo Scaife that claimed the drama between Head Coach Jeff Fisher and Vince Young has created a rift in the Titan locker room.  This has all the makings of an owner / head coach showdown in the offseason.

4. Two Titans that should make the Pro Bowl, but won’t. Jason Jones is an absolute menace on the Titan defensive line.  This sack was a game-changing play.  Good defensive tackles do not have stats, because offensive coordinators know to stay away.  Michael Griffin had some rocky games in the 6-game skid, but all-in-all has been the MVP of this defense all year.

5. The Titans will beat the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday. The Chiefs have all the makings of another San Diego Charger victim.  Look for this young team to fold under the pressure of closing out the season with Philip Rivers and the Chargers breathing down their necks.  Also, with the return of a healthy Kenny Britt the Titan offense will do just enough to win.

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