Titan Sized Tweets: VYing for Attention

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In a sudden development, Young returned to Baptist Sports Park after nearly a month of not being seen or heard from in Nashville.  Reports suggest that VY was only in town for an update on his finger and a charity event he will be hosting later in the week.

Will he apologize in person to Head Coach Jeff Fisher?  Not today.

Will Fisher mend fences or keep his distance?  In his mind, that is entirely up to Vince.

Will the Titan locker room unite and put this ugly affair behind them?  Maybe, most of the players like VY and want him back.

Or will VY lead a coup and destroy what tiny hopes the Titans have of making the playoffs in 2010?  The timing is fishy.

The Titans need a steady, calming, and consistent presence at the quarterback position in 2011.  Vince Young can be that guy.  But the margin for error is set for zero.  If the Titans do not make the playoffs next year, expect a purging of the roster that probably include both the coaching staff and this mercurial first round pick.

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