Titan Sized Report: Reason #18

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Offensive Line – C+ (0 sacks, 121 rushing yards, 1 holding penalty)

Leroy Harris is a liability as an every down offensive lineman; he is a quality depth utility lineman.  Jake Scott is getting beat by quicker lineman and powerful linebackers too often.  The Titan offensive line did a remarkable job of keeping Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney off of Collins.  Eugene Amano’s injury opens the door for Fernando Velasco to steal an interior line job.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – C- (3 drops, 1 turnover)

Justin Tryon got away with murder on Thursday night (for the record, this is the first complaint against an officiating crew this year in a Titan Sized Report).  That automatically bumps up the letter grade for this unit.  A healthy Craig Stevens is a red zone monster.  Nate Washington has an incredible knack for finding spaces in zone coverage.  Randy Moss, we hardly knew ye.

Running Backs – A-

It is good to see the Titans using Ahmard Hall as a checkdown option.  He is a reliable target and surprisingly elusive after the catch. As expected, Chris Johnson abused the Indianapolis Colts.  He was both the leading rusher (22 rushes, 111 yards, TD) and receiver (8 receptions, 68 yards) for the Titans.  “Preserving” CJ2K by limiting his touches destroys the potential of this offense.

Quarterback – B+

Kerry Collins is better than Rusty Smith, but his complete lack of mobility will force the Titans to part ways with him if Smith proves to have any upside.  At times, you can still see Collins finger injury causing problems with his throws.  He can fling the ball around the field (28 for 39, 244 yards, 3 TDs) better than most passers.  Someone needs to apologize and rejoin the team.

Titan Player of the Week:

Kenny Britt (4 receptions, 39 yards) –

Kenny Britt is getting better after the catch every week.  With his ability to go get the ball, this makes him the most formidable weapon the Titans have had in the passing attack since Derrick Mason.  But that is not even the best part.  His downfield blocking is awesome and has been sorely missed in the last few weeks.  CJ always seems to find him 20-30 yards down the field.

Terrible Player of the Week:

Kenny Britt (2 drops, Fumble lost, Illegal Touch Penalty) –

Off the field shenanigans aside, Britt still makes some rookie mistakes at times and it cost the Titans on Thursday.  With his ability and potential to be an elite force in the NFL, it is time to grow up, learn some discipline, and earn a leading role on this young Titan roster.  We believe in you, Kenny.  Now come on!

Overall Offense Grade – B-

This was a positive outing for this offensive unit.  But.  No more excuses.  This unit needs to win the game vs. the Houston Texans.  Expect Matt Schaub and the gang to bring 30ish points to LP Field along with them.  Show this Titan defensive unit some gratitude for their efforts the last 6 weeks and beat this Texan team by yourselves.  About 35 points should do.  See you there!

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