Titan Sized Takes: Bring on the Mess

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1. The Titans 2010 season is officially over. Mathematically, the Titans can still reach the playoffs and even host a playoff game. And nothing would be sweeter than hosting a Baltimore Raven squad that inexplicably ended the 2008 season in a reversal of roles. The Jacksonville Jaguars losing all 3 of their last games is definitely possible, but not the Colts.

2. I told you soIt is easy to see the difference Kenny Britt (4 receptions, 39 yards) makes in the Titan passing game , but it is sometimes forgotten the role that Britt plays in the running game, specifically in the area of blocking. Look up CJ2K’s biggest runs last year and you will frequently see #18 blocking a safety 40 yards down field.  Now if he could just hold onto the ball…

3. Chris Johnson’s contract negotiations need to begin immediately. With the NFL’s next season in limbo, a “mediocre” statistic season (for CJ2K anyway), and this season filled with plenty of other distractions, Mike Reinfeldt has the trifecta of reasons to initiate negotiations that will take months to resolve.  It might be time to update the website, CJ.

4. The Titans need to draft interior offensive linemen early and often. Eugene Amano, Leroy Harris, and Jake Scott are simply not getting it done anymore. It looks like coaching, lack of quarterback consistency, or defensive overcommitment to stopping CJ2K. But sooner or later, the players themselves have to take responsibility.

5. The Titans will beat the Houston Texans next Sunday. The Monday Night game will provide more insight on this prediction, but if the Texans are eliminated from playoff contention on Monday night expect Texan owner Bob McNair to issue a statement supporting his coach, Gary Kubiak. We all know what those statements are followed up by the following week.

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