Titan Sized Takes: T-Minus 4 days

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1. Jeff Fisher will opt out of being in Nashville next year. It is beginning to look like the conversation between Bud Adams and Fisher about the relationship between the head coach and quarterback Vince Young, included ultimatums like, “It’s him or me” and “He goes, or I go.”  If that proves to be the case, expect Mr. Adams to choose VY after this 5-game losing streak.

2. Kenny Britt is the answer to offensive woes. Randy Moss lacks the conviction.  Nate Washington, the height.  Justin Gage, the hands. And Damian Williams, the experience to replace Britt on the field.  The moment Britt pulled up lame, was the moment this losing streak started.  VY, Kerry Collins, nor Rusty Smith have had the ability to compensate for this loss.

3. Chuck Cecil has some explaining to do. Last week the Titan defensive front lacked Tony Brown, Jason Jones, and Sen’Derrick Marks.  This week, Brown and Jones were both in the line-up and it made little difference.  After watching the game again closely, the players are not to blame.  Cecil is clearly having trouble scheming this defense to play to its strengths.

4. Do not expect Titan Sized Reports of the Titan offense and defense this week. First, analyzing that effort would be demoralizing.  Two, with a short week and the season hanging in the balance, TitanSized will introduce a new segment called Titan Sized Watch.  This segment will highlight players’ value and overall demeanor to finish out the 2010 season.

5. The Titan season will end Thursday night, unless… Kenny Britt is in the lineup.  Kerry Collins and Chris Johnson have the requisite experience and skill to make plays, but they need help.  Also, the Titan defense will keep this game within reach as long as the Titan offense can keep Peyton Manning from having 40 minutes to work his way up and down the field.

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