Site5 and Fansided Holiday Charity Drive

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Happy Holidays TitanSized readers!

I may have only blogged for TitanSized and FanSided since May of this year, but in that time there are two observations worth sharing.

First, Site5 has been outstanding as our network’s hosting company.  It is nice to know that when you put something out there for others to read, that someone is watching out for your content.  Keeping it up and keeping it safe is not something any blogger should ever take for granted.

Second, Adam and Zach Best (co-founders of FanSided) are incredible guys!  Not only do they extend the freedom and internet real estate to share our opinions and thoughts, but they are actively trying to leverage their good fortune to benefit others.

So it is not a surprise at all that Site5 and FanSided are teaming up to have their first charity drive for the Boys and Girls Club of America.  And here is how you can be a part!

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