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Chris Johnson's Agent Needs to Remove Him From Twitter

Chris Johnson missed his sixth minicamp practice on Wednesday and, while most fans seem to support his position as far as I can tell, somebody close to Johnson needs get him off of Twitter.  On Thursday morning Johnson tweeted that “ppl dont understand ths is my life & my body so I know wht I deserve, I wnt a super bowl but when u dont wnt 2 do wht it takes 2 get 1 its not gonna happen”.

Really Chris? Is there confusion amongst the Titans front office as to whose life Chris Johnson belongs to? Is there some uncertainty that perhaps his body belongs to someone else? If so, that may be contributing to why the Titans are hesitant to offer him a new contract.  Who can blame them where there is clearly uncertainty as to exactly who has legal ownership over Johnson’s body??

The last part is my favorite, “I wnt a super bowl but when u dont wnt 2 do wht it takes 2 get 1 its not gonna happen”.  The Titans already have Johnson under contract, so its not a matter of signing a player that they otherwise wouldn’t have.  We all agree that he deserves more money but he is the one who signed the contract originally.  I am not sure if this is what Johnson intended to say, but what he said could be interpreted as ‘if you don’t pay me more money i won’t play as hard as if you give me more money’.  I certainly hope this is not the case.  I am hoping that he just doesn’t realize that what he is tweeting might not be conveying the message he is intending.

I love Chris Johnson.  I think he deserves more money.  Somebody get him off Twitter!!!

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  • Musiccitymisers

    If that is what he meant to say he has every right to say it. Would you feel the need to write Pulitzer Prize articles if your company was paying you 70k a year when your peers who aren’t half as good as you are making 200k? you’d be dumb if you would. You get what you pay for and the Titans seem too cheap to want to pay for anything of quality.

    • Nick Ewing

      If I signed a contract to write 5 articles and my 2nd article won a Pulitzer Prize I would certainly want to increase the money I received for the remaining 3 articles. However, I would not threaten my employer that I intended to write substandard articles if they didn’t pay me more nor would I publicly question their desire to publish successful articles. Furthermore, if they did not increase payment I would not refuse to write the remaining 3 articles. I would be dumb if I did those things. You might not have realized but CJ signed a contract for 5 years and agreed to the compensation they offered. I do believe the Titans should recognize his incredible season by increasing his base pay but CJ looks like an idiot every time he tweets.

      If someone signs a contract to be paid $70k when their peers who are not as talented get $200K then why is the employer of the 70K person at fault!!?? I think the employer of the 70K person should get an award and quite frankly I would like to buy stock in that company. IT’S THE FAULT OF THE PERSON WHO SIGNED FOR LESS THEN THEY WERE WORTH!!!

      Either way, the purpose of this post was not about whether or not he should get paid. It’s that I believe his usage of Twitter is not helping his cause in terms of getting a new contract. Thanks for mentioning Pulitzer when commenting on my writing, that’s a first.

      • TNTitan89

        It’s nice to see a voice of reason here.

  • Chris –

    And tonight, CJ2K tweeted that he wants to make Houston his city… I actually think I like CJ on Twitter!

  • kent wilson

    he was talkin bout he wants to make houston his new place to party, nowhere near football related

  • phil

    I have been saying CJ needs get of twitter since he got on. Love the guys abilities but man he comes off terrible when he tweets. He has been getting bad advice from his agent throughout this whole process so it’s fair to say that his agent wont put a lid on him now. CJ, be a man and get to work and keep your mouth shut and you will get paid!

  • Matt Johnson

    There have been a few athletes who have really hurt themselves by becoming more accessible via Twitter. Darnell Dockett has shown he’s an attention-seeker and Chris Johnson has shown he’s maybe the athlete least equipped superstardom since Allen Iverson. There have been plenty players who have just been immature and made stupid decisions, and Johnson deserves credit for staying out of trouble with the law, but CJ is just so immature and so poorly spoken it’s astounding. I’m just turning the other cheek to the holdout and the tweets with the hope that it can’t go on forever, but I wish I didn’t have to.

  • remember?

    OK….. first of all cj I’m just wondering has he said that he’s holding out yet? Really I don’t know but I haven’t seen it. All I know is he skipped OTAs last year went back to TX and did his thing there. I along with every other titans fan who was paying attn was kinda worried about it then but I think it worked out ok. as for his contract he’s actually better off waiting till next year anyway because with no collective bargaining agreement the titans are limited to a 30% pay increase on any player. That’s the trade off for not having a salary cap. as for his twitter i don’t follow anybodys twitter but until he says something to the effect of “I wont play till i get a better contract” stop stressing it. he’s skipping voluntary practices. apparently he can do that and still perform.

    • TNTitan89

      Actually, CJ did not skip OTAs last year. He chose not to participate in the off-season conditioning program (workouts directed by Steve Watterson – not football practices directed by Jeff Fisher) both last year and this year.

      This is different, and it’s clearly a hold-out. In the OTAs the team is learning schemes and learning to work together. Staying away hurts the team (otherwise, it wouldn’t work as a negotiating tactic).