I Don't Wanna Wait For Our Lives To Be Over. I Want To Know Right Now What Will It Be.


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Above there is a link to the video showing Justin Gage catching a 21 yard pass from Vince Young late in the first half. What is a bit peculiar and has been fodder for Titans message boards this week is the little snuggle that Fisher gave Vince in the embrace. Now, I’ll be honest. In a still frame it looks super gay but it doesn’t look near as bad full speed. Really though, what’s the big deal? Isn’t he just being a players coach? I’ve seen Fisher take a lot of heat from fans, mainly online, the past few days. I’ve never actually met or spoken to Jeff myself, but I’ve seen him on television and radio enough to understand that he really doesn’t give a crap what I, or any other fan, thinks. Jeff Fisher wants to win games, period. He’s a terrific coach and honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in our fans for laying everything that has been wrong at his feet and saying that the team’s successes come in spite of Fisher’s coaching.

What about the decision to not call the timeouts, but rather, let the Dolphins sit on that ball and take the game to overtime? This is the flavor of this weeks main criticism on Fisher. It is by no means isolated. Week in and week out there are new criticisms, old criticism and criticisms that are just irrelevant. One of my favorites is the “player loyalty” criticism. I figure he had a good reasons to do what he does. People bring up LaMont Thompson like we had the late Sean Taylor warming our bench.  When asked about the final minute of regulation on the radio immediately following the game he said that he had a “gut feeling”. The Titans won the game and Griff had his chance to set right what went wrong for him. Fisher said the fans “got their monies worth”. What do our spoiled baby fans reply? They complain about not having a ball game that is over by the end of the third quarter. They make retarded assertions on the post game show with Kevin Dyson, Blaine Bishop, and Mark Howard that the Titans spent the entire 2nd half in prevent allowing Miami back in the game echoing cliche ramblings like “prevent prevents wins” when the reality is that a) the caller doesn’t even know what a prevent formation looks like and b) Chuck Cecil did no such thing.

What I see is the attitude that Fisher is to blame for the 0-6 start but hasn’t a thing to do with the 7-1 resurgence. That’s crap. I don’t think there is any coach in the NFL that could bring a team back to .500 after dropping the first 6 games. We could be on the cusp of the greatest playoff run ever. There is no way that I’m going to let a bunch of soggy diaper, head coach loathing fans ruin rooting for the team I love. A win is a win. This team believes. They’ve made a believer out of me. Vince Young has showed me, after all this time, that he is who I thought he was. I’m ready to walk into LP Field Friday night with the season on the line, again. I want to see our guys stand toe to toe in the cold and knock ‘em out. The Titans have more to play for. All the Titans really need is some help. So c’mon Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, Indianapolis, and Miami. I want the playoffs.

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