Lonely at the Bottom

The 2009 Tennessee Titans: So Bad It’s Funny (Sorta)

This pretty much says it all. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times reading it. One for the record books I suppose.

If there is anything redeeming about this at all, it is that this is the bottom (right?). Bottom of the season. Bottom of Fisher’s tenure. Rock bottom of a proud franchises’s history. And all of this after the summer we had…

Stay strong Titans fans, for this too shall pass.

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  • Tom

    It is the curse of the Terrible Towel. Titan players disrepected the Terrible Towel and hasn’t won a game, other than a couple of meaningless pre-season games, since they stomped on the towel.

  • Raiderfan

    I think we should meld the Titans with the Raiders, and we just might have a real NFL team. Oh wait, who’d want to join with us…sigh..Just wanted to let you all know you’re not alone in humiliation or desperation, courtesy of the Raider Nation.

  • http://titansized.com titansized

    thanks raiderfan! glad to know somebody out there feels our pain. at least you guys have won twice this year though! it has to get better doesn’t it?

  • Raiderfan

    Out here we’ve been saying that for 6 years now..and where has that got us? 2 wins so far in 2009..I think we need to follow your paper bag lead. You guys at least have a competent coach..how about we can trade QB’s? Just kidding, we already tried KC…Hope you all get a win…it feels really good, until you realize it’s just an fluke, then back to reality. Just wait til next year!!

  • Hans

    Maybe Kerry Collins is drinking again

  • http://titansized.com titansized

    he’s been drinkin’ again son…

  • CFB

    This is the last post on this “fan blog”. You guys have a great story developing and the last post is when you were 0-6? What a worthless community of fans, it;s no surprise that the Titans constantly struggle. VY deserves to play in a better football town, with real football fans, not little crybabies.

  • doug the dork

    Listen CFB, blogs do not speak for entire cities, nor “communities of fans”, blogs speak for dorks. “real football fans” love to watch and play football, period.They do not talk about other teams lackluster fan blogs. How bored are you? you obviously don’t like the titans, so why are you posting on their website you moron? and at 4:50 in the morning? yes, you are the type of person to judge others. Why don’t you… 1. stop drinking 2. get a life 3. start confronting your emotional issues.

    ps-… Chris Johnson

  • http://esquire.com Chris

    One of our beautiful Titan’s Cheerleaders spills some beans about the team:


  • CFB

    Doug….you are an idiot.
    1. 4:50 in the morning is the time it was posted in your tiny little world. Now, figure out where in the world some of our Americans are being sent, do some really tough math (hint: add 9.5 hrs), and you’ll get your answer.
    2. When I heard that the Titans drafted VY, I started following them. Until Jerry Jones gets hit by a meteorite I don’t follow too much NFL. After the wins I was excited for Titans fans and went to the first blog I found to see how “real NFL fans” were responding.
    3. I based my opinion on your fan base on a couple factors: when I heard that Titan ‘fans’ boo’d VY, I was shocked. You’ll have some witty response no doubt, but here’s what I’m talking about. You took a great player that thrives on emotion, camaraderie, esprit de corps and you broke him. Good Job. He learned a valuable lesson and is now stronger for it. You’re fans are not with you. Have a bad game and they will boo you as bad as any away game. They don’t pat you on the back after a tough loss and say “we’ll get ‘em next time”. They boo, curse, ridicule and are not True FANS. I just recently read another article from a sportswriter that was confused about why fans would applaud when a certain CB took the bench. What he didn’t understand is that Ten fans are classless.
    4. “stop drinking”. No drinking for me bud. “Get a life”. You have no idea. “Start confronting your emotional issues”. I have values that I live by and forget that not everyone shares them.

    Bottom Line: Quit being crybabies and treating your players like sh#t. Alot of these guys deserve better than Ten fans.