Week 5 Recap: Titans @ Ravens

Wow. Just wow. I don’t really even know what to say. That was one of the more nerve-racking games I can remember in recent history. Sarah, Jack and I didn’t sit the entire fourth quarter. And thank goodness for those prayers to the football Gods that Fiona was saying or we may not have pulled it out in the end. We didn’t deserve to win that game. Hell, neither did the Ravens. It was ugly and it was nasty, but the Titans took a big step in the right direction by reaching down deep (after about 100 penalties and some team in-fighting) to pull out a huge victory in Baltimore. 5-0 and I’m still in shock.

  • First things first, what in the hell happened between Cortland Finnegan and Keith Bulluck? Finnegan seemed out of control their for a little bit (two incredibly stupid personal foul penalties) and I guess it was just Bulluck trying to keep him in check. I don’t have a problem with the fact that Finnegan got pushed by his own teammate, because he deserved it, but I wish that it wasn’t our team captain doing the pushing. Both of those guys are very intense, emotional players, but at some point, cooler heads have to prevail and you have to come together and take that stuff out on the other team. Thankfully we won, because if not, I could have seen this little altercation making way too much news during the off week.  Love is love. It’s gonna be ok.
  • Penalties were the reason that we almost lost this ball game. On the day, the Titans committed 10 penalties for 78 yards, including a couple of really dumb ones that helped extend Ravens drives. Luckily, the Ravens committed 11 penalties of their own for 91 yards, with a handful of them coming at the end of the game that really helped bail the Titans out.
  • While we didn’t necessarily win the turnover battle (both QB’s threw two INT’s) our picks were more timely than the Ravens who’s came in the first quarter. The biggest of the day though was Nick Harper’s pick of Joe Flacco with under two minutes left to go in the game. The Titans had just taken their first lead of the game, and it was Harper who again this week, made the interception to help seal the victory. That now makes 10 interceptions for the Titans secondary, good for most in the league.
  • It has become very apparent over the last two or three weeks that Chris Johnson is now the team’s feature back. He out-carried LenDale White yet again this week (18 to 3), and even though the yards weren’t really there against a stiff Ravens D, Johnson showed poise in getting the few yards he was able to manage, and got up time and time again after getting absolutely licked. I imagine he’s looking forward to the week off as much as anyone.
  • WR Brandon Jones got the start today after Justin Gage was ruled out with a knee injury. Jones filled in quite well, catching three balls for 54 yards, and he would have had at least two more big gains if Collins would have put the ball in the right place. Nice to see Jones involved in the offense. The guy has always showed promise. Now it’s time to put that to good use.
  • Well, well, well, look who scored his first TD in a Titans uniform. That’s right, TE Alge Crumpler. And to catch the game winner makes it that much better. I really wanted to do my usual “look for Alge Crumpler to finally get involved in the offense” spiel in my game preview, but I decided against it this week. Maybe I just won’t mention him anymore, because apparently opposing head coaches read this thing.
  • If I have to see Ray “The Blade” Lewis do any more of his silly little dances I’m gonna be sick. He did have a couple of nice tackles on the day, but every time he’d get up and yell or dance or convulse like some sort of retarded gladiator or something. What a douche. Also, it was pointed out by Jack that he looked fat. Did anyone else notice that?
  • Hate to say it Kellen, but how bout’ those Titans special teams? Chris Carr continues to show why the Titans brought him in this off-season as a return specialist. He had one kickoff return for 49 yards, and a punt return for 33 yards. He has improved each week, and if he can give them good field position to start with, it will only make the Titans that much scarier.
  • Michael Phelps looked like a total wigger with his goofy sun shades, his crooked Lacoste hat and his number\\ 08 Ravens jersey (for his eight gold medals). He served as the honorary captain and sat with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. I love the guy (minus the Baltimore ties) but what a doofus.
  • Today marked the first game that the Titans defense didn’t record a sack. In fact, they barely rattled Flacco all day. Good thing he’s not that good.

All in all, it was an incredible win. Nothing about it was pretty, but we don’t win pretty football games. Definitely one of the more satisfying that I can remember. And the bye couldn’t have come at a better time. The Titans should take this time to rest, get healthy, and kiss and make up. The Chiefs will be waiting for us on the other side of the bye.

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  • FatAlbertPainsworth

    Yeah, I’d agree with Jack, Ray Lewis looked fat. Guy looks like he’s come out on the wrong side of some steroid deal gone bad. I couldn’t decide who looked worse, him or Phelps. Good God, Michael, we know you won 8 golds but holy shit son, who’s dressing you? If Andy Roddick had a threesome with Paris Hilton and a giraffe, you’d get what Phelps looked like yesterday. Good W, let’s keep rolling along.

  • gnbishop

    yeah, roddick was the first d i could think of when i saw him. i guess it was that dumb lacoste hat. i mean, who wears an all white lacoste hat? oh yeah, a guy who wins eight freakin’ gold medals and then moves back to baltimore. i guess he figured he could be the biggest winner in a city of losers.

  • elisha

    I thought the first call, when Finnegan and Mason locked horns was not handled correctly by the officials. I think that Finnegan got as good as he gave and that there should have been off-setting penalties.

    For that matter, I thought the second call against Finnegan, the one that he and Bulluck locked horns after, was questionable and an attempt by the refs to keep the game undercontrol. Finnegan made the initial contact and tackle in bounds and appeared to be releasing as the play moved out of bounds. I’m sure that the refs called what they thought was Finnegan slinging the Baltimore player to the ground, however i personally didn’t think that was the case.   

    With regards to the Bulluck and Finnegan mess; I personally think that Keith missed on this one. Finnegan appeared calm after the call and didn’t seem to be out of control. I think that Bulluck had a right to be upset, after all this was the second big call against Finnegan in that drive. Bulluck does wear a “C” on his jersey and has every right to try and keep his guy in check and Finnegan needs to respect that. However, Bulluck has a “C” on his jersey because he is supposed to be a leader. Leaders don’t keep their guys in check by losing their temper on the field. I don’t even have a problem with the shove. I do have a problem with where it happened. I think Bulluck should have been encouraging Finnegan to keep his head in the game, not yelling at him. If you really need to get in a teammates face. Wait for the sideline or locker room. I think Nick’s right the “W” in the left hand column will help to smooth this over in the media and the locker room.

  • http://onenightinparisvideo.net Alysia Manko

    I have a clip from the Paris Hilton movie on my site. To bad it got relased onto the internet for everyone to view. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that lost it.